Why is mobile data expensive than broadband? Explained

Have you ever wonder Why is mobile data expensive than broadband? Yes, Sometimes while using Internet we have the question about the cost of mobile data is expensive than broadband. What is the criteria behind this happened and this price is same in all countries? If you want to know more about it so, read the full article.

Hey, friends, we welcome you to our latest blog which is all about daily updates and crispy articles. So, today’s topic is Why mobile data is expensive than broadband? Any networking you are using whether it is 3G or 4G, why they are costly as compared to the broadband.

The price of the Mobile data is increasing day by day in all countries.  The average price of 1GB data is around Rs.150 to 200. If you are using Jio then the thing is different. We are not talking about Jio and their cheap plans. We are discussing why the price of broadband is cheaper and beneficial than mobile data.

In case of broadband, the average price for 50 GB data is about Rs.500 with a 5Mbps constant speed. So, in this case, people confused between the cheap plans of broadband and costly price of the mobile data.

The reason Why is mobile data expensive than broadband? Explained:

  • The mobile phone networking company is investing many bucks for buying a spectrum. They have to buy a specific spectrum for a region.
  • The cost of Mobile network tower is too much for them. As the increase of users, they have to build and upgrade many towers as per use.
  • The cost of major updates like the conversion from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4G is also high.
  • As we know that mobile data is a wireless medium of data transferring and there is loss and interface are higher. And to prevent them they have to invest more money.

These all thing and points make the mobile data costs.

We all know that the need of an internet service is the need of everyone. Now, without internet is like without electricity.

So, the use of mobile data is compulsory to the people because there is no Wi-Fi connection is available in every place or outside of the house and offices, in that case, mobile data is very useful. It means, it is dependable for the user’s use.

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