What will happen if we fall into black hole

Explained: What will happen if we fall into black hole?:

Well, We would probably die or maybe not a black or is not a hole and is not black at all. Theoretically speaking it is an area of space with it incredibly large force of attraction gravity It is however completely invisible, and so it happens that everyone calls it black. In general it works like a vast spear go super space back that sucks in everything that falls. Past gets them to the rise of the so-called boundary where outer area ends. The black hole begins even a photon of light which as you may know is the fastest particle in the universe. It cannot resist its attraction and especially, since we are just an ordinary person made up of regular particles. If I buy something incredible happenstance came under the influence of a black hole, it will go something like this. If I film feet first towards the event horizon of the waterhole my head being farther away would be attracted much more weakly that my feet which were closer this are not good for being on a medieval rock. I would be stretched for even longer really pulled my leg to such an extent that my head would likely pop off. Next would come to a meeting with the singularity. This is what is the epicenter of a black hole in its contents having passed the event horizon I come under the influence of the uniqueness where every bizarre illogical and daemonic strangeness could be literally seconds occurs. In other words, he understands theories don’t work here there are no laws any rules at all.  At least according to specific laws and concepts and there is the world of the security that brazenly ignores any laws and exists by itself and we know nothing about it so theoretically as we approach the singularity my elongated body will continue to stretch lengthwise and continue to shrink in its transverse direction it’s with but will still not disappear altogether. So we hope you gotta the answer of the rare question i.e. What will happen if we fall into black hole?

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