What is Vevo?

You know when you watch a music video on You Tube, and it usually has that Vevo logo in the corner. In fact when I’m looking for an official music video. We seek out the one that has that logo Vevo  is massive here on Youtube. Looking at the list of the top ten videos with the most views, seven of them are associated with Vevo looking at the top ten channels with the most subscribers four of them have Vevo in the actual name of the channel Justin Bieber VEVO has over thirty million subscribers Justin Beiber, Rianna, Katy Perry, Eminem, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ariane Agron, Adele,  Maroon 5 and Selena Gomez all have channels with well over 10 million subscribers and they all have the word Vevo in their name VEVO has twenty-six separate channels with over ten million subscribers over all of it. They have two hundred fifty thousand videos that collectively get twenty-five billion views per month. So the question on my mind is how did this Vevo get its name attached to all these huge channels and all these huge musicians well after I tell you what Vevo stands for it should all be clear Vevo stands for video evolution, so I hope its all clear now. That didn’t help with anything, but when we tell you who owns Vevo it should help put some of this into perspective the Vevo is own by the record labels it’s a joint venture which by definition is a commercial enterprise undertaken jointly by two or more parties that otherwise retain their distinct identity. Joint Venture is a cool thing it’s when two or more companies come together and form a third company it’s different from a merger because the separate companies still exist so instead of having one company at the end of it there are three companies assuming it was only two they came together. Now there’s three big record labels that practically control the industry the three are Sony, B.M.G., Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. These company to form the joint venture called Vevo  Google and some other companies are part of it as well but to a smaller extent the majority of Evo is owned by these two record labels and as for the third record label Warner Music Group as of about a year ago they’re on board with Vevo 2.



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