Uses of Virtual Reality (VR)

Uses of Virtual Reality (VR)

Hello, friends, welcome to our blog which is all about the crunchy topic or articles. Today’s topics are 10 Uses of Virtual Reality (VR). Nowadays, all we know and taste the experience of Virtual Reality which is quietly popular as VR. Virtual reality first introduced in the year of 1970, and then it is completely created in year of 2015. Most of the people didn’t know about the other Uses of Virtual Reality (VR). They believe that it is only for the visual effect for gaming and thrashing experience.

Below we present you the top Uses of Virtual Reality (VR):

Treating pain

Treating pain by vr

People who suffer from chronic pain, they found some relief. Thanks to the virtual reality, doctors use this technology as a form of distraction therapy. It’s very common for patients who are going through physical therapy a study was performed on military burn victims and twenty eleven where they were playing a VR a game called Snow world. They gave allows the user to throw snowballs at penguins while listening to music by Paul Simon. Many patients found playing the game to be more effective on their pain than the morphine.

Treated PTSD

Treated PTSD by vr

It is a serious condition that millions of people suffer from it. Men and women coming from war are mostly suffering from PTSD. Doctors and therapists have been working to find new treatments and virtual reality has been quite helpful exposure therapy is common and it gives the patient a chance to visualize the trauma in their head to get past it. The virtual reality can create the Imaginary world much more effectively than if they were to use their own imagination.

Training Medical students

Training Medical students by vr

Medical students need to learn how to perform surgeries and procedures in a controlled environment. For years they had to wait to practice on patients because the patient’s life is in their hands. With the help of virtual reality, they can perform hands-on procedures without worrying about making mistakes that would have a lasting impact on real people. Today medical schools are using virtual reality to teach students safely.

Treating anxiety

Treating anxiety by vr

Treating anxiety over forty million people in the United States suffer from anxiety. For some, the problem is worse than it is for others. Many doctors today are treating anxiety with virtual reality they play the VR game deep which is a visual version of a diaphragmatic exercise. The game puts the patients in a natural calm setting and it helps to guide them through deep belly breathing which is known to calm the patient within minutes.

Creating Architects designs

Creating Architects designs by vr

Creating architects designs virtual reality has become very popular among designers and architects. It allows the architects and designers to actually walk through their designs in three dimensions. Due to this technology hand-drawn plans have been replaced by computer generated programs which can help create plans that are safe. VR makes it possible to create everything from the foundation up to the lighting.

Increasing Car sales

Increasing Car sales by vr

Car dealerships are using virtual reality to get customers to buy before they test drive a vehicle they’re able to virtually test drive a variety of vehicles to help them decide which vehicle is best. VR makes car shopping easy and convenient for buyers most of the larger car companies such as Audi, Hyundai, Ford, and Volvo have adopted this technology to make car shopping easier.

Business deal

Business deal by vr

Many companies are using virtual reality today rather than paying for employees to travel out of town for business meetings. The meetings are held using virtual reality so that it seems like everyone is in the same room. Together business owners are also using virtual reality to conduct interviews, forecast trends and give tours. If a business has a dangerous product that needs to be tested in the early stages. They can use virtual reality so that nobody is injured.

Testing a Vehicle

Testing a Vehicle by vr

Virtual reality has become very effective in manufacturing vehicles. Car makers can test the safety of a vehicle in a virtual setting before the vehicles are made this allows manufacturers to fix problems in the design before they waste money making the vehicle and then making the necessary changes.


Planning Holidays

Planning Holidays by vr

Recently travelers had to put their trust in reviewers to find the perfect city and hotel to visit. Since most people have different tastes it can be difficult to trust the reviews that people read. Thanks to virtual reality, now travelers a get an idea of the place they want to visit before they book their trip. You can use this technology to see the destination that you’re considering the hotel what the city has to offer. Many people are using virtual reality today to take trips they can’t afford.


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