Top 8 Animals with Bizarre Powers

Top 8 Animals with Bizarre Powers

Hey Guys, welcome to our new post of this website. Today we are talking about those animal who are having and born with some bizarre powers that shocked everyone. So, in this content we are going to show the list of 8 animals with Bizarre Powers.

Here is the List of Animals with Bizarre Powers:

The Sea Cucumber

The Sea Cucumber: These things may look gross, I get it, but they also have some incredible abilities. For me, the most insane one is that they can liquefy themselves. If a Sea Cucumber is feeling threatened, it will turn the collagen in its tissue from a solid form to a liquid form. It will then pour itself into a hole and then turn solid again to wedge itself in so that the predator can’t get it. I think I already have this ability if you wake me up before 6 AM.

The Alpine Ibex

The Alpine Ibex: This animal can quite literally walk up walls. Their split hooves and rubber like soles are perfect for gripping almost vertical rock faces on which most animals would fall to their deaths. There even been footage of them climbing up human made dams to lick the salt on the stones there. It almost doesn’t even look real.


Tardigrades: These things are probably the toughest things on planet Earth. There also known as water bears but they are lot smaller than bears, tiny in fact – they measure just 0.5 mm long or about 0.02 inches. They have been found everywhere – from the highest mountains to the deepest seas. They can survive extreme temperatures, extreme pressures, air deprivation, radiation, dehydration and starvation that would normally kill any other living thing. Scientists wanted to push their limits so they strapped some to a rocket and sent them in to space. Amazingly, some of them came back and were totally fine.

Horned Lizard

Horned Lizard:  This North American lizard has a crazy way of scaring off predators – it squirts blood from its eyes. This might sound horrific to us but it’s perfectly normal for them – they build up blood pressure in their heads by rupturing tiny vessels around their eyelids and then squirting it out. Firstly, this shocks and confuses the predator but it also tastes foul to dog and cat predators. 

Lyre Bird

Lyre Bird: Spelt like that – it doesn’t lie, I don’t think. The lyre bird is very good at imitating sounds it hears and replicating them in order to attract a mate. The males will usually imitate other birds he hears around him but will sometimes incorporate other sounds into its song.

Lyre Bird

The Hairy Frog: That its real name, you’ll know why when you see what it looks like. The frog is amazing because it breaks its own bones and then forces them out of its toe pads to produce claws. It usually does this when it feels threatened by a predator so scientists think it’s a defense mechanism. What’s crazy is that it literally rips its skin open to force the bones out and then heals the wound after.


Flea: These are the greatest jumpers on the planet. Scientists have measured flees jumping 220 times their own body length and 150 times their own height. It’s crazy, that why fleas are regarded as the best jumpers on the planet. At number 2 now we have the Mantis Shrimp. These creatures are said to have the world’s fastest punch. When faced with danger, they contract their arm and build up energy before releasing it all at once. 

Scarlet Jellyfish

Scarlet Jellyfish: This is also known as the immortal jellyfish – that’s not a joke name either, it really does look like this creature can live forever. When they reach a certain stage of their life, the jellyfish revert back to a polyp which is the juvenile form of a jellyfish. Then, they will spend a few months growing back into a fresh new adult jellyfish. Scientists have observed one jellyfish performing this cycle 12 times. 

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