Top 5 microphones for gaming and Youtube commentary

As you look deep into the world of gaming, the force will automatically pull you closer by it’s overpowering fascinating and the mesmerizing features. The world is so advanced that you would never like to pull your feet back. The popularity has increased, to such a level that the famous personalities are also giving their touching voices to the special characters you have been fascinated too. To give the voices, they require a powerful microphone that amplifies the voice and gives the experience of hardcore gaming. Not only, in the gaming but for the commentary purpose you require the same so that the voices can overrule the surrounding noises. 

Here are the Top 5 microphones for gaming and commentary purposes:

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RODE NT-USB: This microphone is best known for its gaming purpose which will give you a chilling experience down your spine. This mic is embedded with a number of equipments such as mic mount, desk stand, pop filter which are all available in a big pack. The look of this microphone is so awesome that it will hardly allow your eye balls to move away from it. While fixed on a stand, it can be rotated around a semi-circle thus giving a free movement of the neck. A minijack is placed below the mic’s body to control the output volume and to establish the balance of the sound between the source and the computer system.


  • Quality of sound is good
  • Connections are easy to establish via the USB connection.


  • Though the quality is awesome, it is not up to that level you are expecting to.


SONY ECM-CS 10: – This type of microphone is best suited for commentary purposes or for the incidents where we have to speak before the masses. This type of microphone is used in the party and the stage shows. It can be rotated around a circle thus making it easier and the simpler for the orator to rain the words upon the masses. The main feature of this microphone is its portability and mechanical adjustment which has left the masses running behind to purchase it. Signal Strength of this auspicious microphone is small to record the music without any disturbance.


  • Accuracy, precision, and durability is high
  • Catch soft and slow sounds


  • Internal mics are not up to the level.
  • Sometimes sounds like tin.


SAMSON GO MIC: – If you are looking for recording You tube videos, interviews and the chats of the famous personalities then this microphone is going to enlighten your way by fulfilling all your desires and wishes. It is a wireless microphone that can be connected easily on both Android and Mac devices either through the USB cables or the hot shoe mount adapter. It has some switches that walk between omnidirectional and the Cardioid patterns. While you have switched on to the Omni setting, you can easily do the recording for the masses.


  • Best used for the musical purposes
  • Impressible voice quality


  • It has a chemical called DEHP, which causes birth and reproductive problems

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APOGEE MIC 96 K: – Apogee MiC 96k is a digital microphone that is designed to deliver studio quality recording. MiC 96k combines a microphone, microphone preamp, and an AC TO DC converter into one compact device. Apogee has carefully designed each part of MiC 96k to deliver the lowest noise and highest quality signal possible for a digital microphone, and it all fits in your pocket.


– No configuration, just plug in and record

– Designed for vocal and acoustic instrument recording

– Input only, output via iPhone, iPad


– Not for direct monitoring


Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone: – This microphone can be both used for gaming and commentary purposes. It is compatible with Windows and Mac thus covering all the users within it. It can also be used for our applications such as video chatting, recording our voices and much more.


  – High-quality voice

 – Impressive Design

– Rocky support


– The stand on which the mic rests can’t be fully rotated.

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