Top 10 Unknown facts about Vladimir Putin

Top 10 Unknown facts about Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is a complex character going from a KGB agent to a real-life Bond villain. There are so many interesting things about him. We only present you the Top 10 Unknown facts about Vladimir Putin.

List of the 10 Unknown facts about Vladimir Putin:

1. He’s a legit martial artist


Vladimir Putin is a legit martial artist

In 2014 he became an aged and black belt in kyokushin which is arguably the most effective style of karate. He’s also a fifth on black belt in judo, which has been practicing from a young age. He actually holds the title master of sports in Judah, which in Russia is an incredibly prestigious title. he even has his own DVD teaching judo techniques. He might be the toughest politician alive.

2. His walk

Vladimir Putin's walking style

Here is another interesting fact about putin. You’ll notice he swings his left arm widely but his right arm barely moved. For years this baffled body language expert, it just didn’t make sense for him to walk like that. What does it mean some speculated he suffered a stroke or genetic disorder but a long study of his behavior concluded it due to his KGB training. Apparently he was taught to always keep his right arm by his side. So, he could quickly access his firearm. So, he can swing his left arm wildly, but his right hand is always ready for a gunfight. Several other KGB agents are still known to walk the same way.

3. He claims the north pole is owned by Russia

Putin claims the north pole is owned by Russia

He says its Russian territory and demands the United Nations recognizes that. In fact he’s so serious about this that Russian Special Forces have been sent to the North Pole. When elite Russian combat troops were sent skydiving into the North Pole. Other countries were worried it might be the most ambitious annexation of all time. He’s claiming half a million square miles of Arctic land and the oil and minerals contained there, but much of that land is already claimed by other nations like Denmark.

4. He’s worshipped as a living Saint

Vladimir putin worshipped as a living Saint


There is a religious sect within Russia who sees Putin as the reincarnation of St. Paul. They believe his purpose is to defeat the Antichrist. They also believe him to be the reincarnation of Vladimir de grace that created the roof a federation of tribes from which both Russian and Ukrainian culture emerged. The religious sect emerged in 2007. It’s just one example of leader worship we still see in Russia.

5. He might be the world’s richest man

Vladimir Putin might be the world's richest man

Sergei Pugachev is a former Kremlin insider. he claims Putin is the most wealthy person alive. They has made sure to keep his financial status as secretive as possible, but one hedge fund manager estimates his wealth to be 200 billion dollars. the claim is that he gradually stole his wealth while in power and now hides it in a string of secret bank accounts.

6. He loves Steven Seagal Steven

He loves Steven Seagal Steven

Seagal is a ridiculous martial arts film star and apparently he’s big and Russia. Putin recently granted him citizenship; the two men have long been friends they met when Seagal attempted to involve Putin in what seems like a get-rich-quick scheme which is hilarious because both men are already wealthy. They soon bonded over their mutual love of martial art and macho personas. Putin also recently made Roy Jones jr. a citizen because apparently his country is stuck in 1996.

7. He loves Tigers

Putin loves Tigers

His administration has taken action against tiger poachers within Russia. As a result of this a number of Siberian tigers are rising but one tiger he helped rescue caused a minor diplomatic incident. It swam across a river into China and started killing livestock but the Chinese government didn’t seem to mind.

8. He circumvented term limits

He circumvented term limits

The Russian Constitution only allows each person to serve two consecutive terms as president. So, after two terms Putin resigns, he became Prime Minister while his friends became president but in the next election he once again became president as the Constitution has no limits on the actual number of terms and they just can’t be consecutive. So, Putin and his friends can theoretically keep doing this.

9. He hates the English language

Putin hates the English language

He didn’t like the English language. He thinks it’s ugly so although he can speak English well he rarely does. He more fond of French and German and speaks them on state visits, but he really doesn’t like English.

10. He’s basically Indiana Jones

Putin basically Indiana Jones


In 2011 it was reported he discovered some ancient Greek urns while diving. He brought two urns back from the floor of the Black Sea and images like this were widely circulated in the media. The Elms were found to be from the 6th century but it was unclear why they were in the Black Sea. It was soon revealed as fake the urns were placed there for him to discover. The whole thing was set up for publicity and it worked.


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