Top 10 Sexiest Teacher in the world right now

Teachers and sexy are two words that are not normally used in the same sentence. But the following teachers would surely change this perception. So, today we bring the list of Top 10 Sexiest Teacher in the world right now.

 Here are the list of sexiest teacher in the world right now:

Lee Nayeong: We begin our list with South Korean beauty, Lee Nayeong, who teaches at an extremely lucky boys school. Dubbed as ‘ulzzang’ or “best face” in Korean, Miss Lee is a former Miss Korea participant, who chose to devote her life towards educating the youth.

Pietro Boselli: 28 year old Pietro Boselli was made famous when a student accidentally discovered that his professor was a former supermodel, now working as a maths professor at the University College London. The post quickly became viral and also earned Pietro a modelling contract with none other than Armani.

Jessica Vanessa: While working as a kindergarten teacher, 22 year old Jessica felt the need to pursue more fulfilling career opportunities in life. After her 6 second twerk video went viral, Jessica landed a six figure salaried job with brands, who wanted her to advertise their products.

Ebony Utley: Working at California Long Beach, Ebony Utley may be the coolest professor anyone can hope for. She loves hip hop, writes her own music and as you can see, is absolutely gorgeous. Apart from teaching, Miss Utley has her own website, where she shares her views about love, life and relationships.

Debra Lafave: Debra Lafave was arrested by the police, after having sexual intercourse and oral sex with a 14-year-old student. However, Lafave didn’t serve any jail time. This is because she didn’t want to put her son through the emotional turmoil of the trial.

Jamel Fenner: He’s an elementary teacher, a semi pro boxer and a single dad. Mr. Fenner first rose to fame after his photos had mums all over nation, drooling over his looks and muscular body.

Patrice Brown: Patrice Brown was a 4th grade teacher in Atlanta, who was named “Teacher Bae” after her photos became viral. Sadly, she was deemed unfit to be around children and had to quit her job as a school teacher. But her sexy attire has definitely paid off, since she now works as a hostess at a nightclub.

Nicholas Ferroni: At number 3 spot is People Magazine’s Sexiest Teacher of 2014. Nicholas Ferroni is a New Jersey based history teacher and former actor, who wants to inspire his students, not just lecture them. Even in his class, Mr. Ferroni does not hesitate in discussing topics such as sexuality and LGBT rights.

Sam Worthen: In Brooklyn, New York, Sam Worthen is a 24 years old teacher, who lives the dual life of a teacher and a fashion model. He’s seen teaching eighth graders during the day, and walking the runway at night.

Gemma Laird:  Gemma Laird was just starting off her career as a teaching assistant, until her modelling past came down to haunt her. The 21 year old was working at Bloemfontein Primary School in County Durham, England, when parents complained of her controversial photos, and had her fired immediately.

Tell us if you had any hot teacher while you were in school, in the comments section.

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