Top 10 mysterious places in the world where you are not allowed to visit

Hi Readers, Welcome to blog which is about mysterious places in the world where you are not allowed to visit. We know Earth never stops shock and surprise us in many ways. Even every corners of the world offers many unique and unnatural things that we didn’t believe, but today we surprise with the those places which are so mysterious.

Here is the list of places you are not allowed to visit:

North Sentinel Island: In the Bay of Bengal lies, on this island of lives and an indigenous tribe that has no contact with the outside world. It’s believed that between 40-50 hundred people are living on the island. The actual number is not known because we’re not allowed to visit the island to find out. This is the last civilization untouched by modern culture, and they intend to keep it that way. In two thousand and six, two fishermen were out near the island when their ship ran aground the tribe spotted the men immediately and killed them instantly. Even if the men tried to explain the people likely would not have listened because they have no connection to the outside life they probably speak a primitive language all their own.

Area 51: Area 51 is an army base located in Nevada, it is said to be used for weapon and aircraft experiments, but that’s not all it’s believed that this is also a location where the government stores space ships that have crashed. It’s even believed that there are aliens being held here that were piloting the ships that crashed. While they exist and can be seen on Google Earth, the United States government still will not acknowledge the existence of Area 51.

The chapel of the Ark in Ethiopia: This is a chapel located in Ethiopia unlike most chapels this one is not open to the public. It’s believed that it is the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant which holds the 10 Commandments. The original Ten Commandments were it you’re not allowed to enter the chapel you can’t find out of this is true or not. Since this is the only place where the 10 Commandments are said to be though. There’s no reason to believe that it’s not true.

Google data center: We can’t say where it’s located because it is so secure the location has never been disclosed. This place holds trillions of data records it’s said that the Google data center is just as secure as Area 51. It’s not known which Google employees have access to the data center it’s also not known how many people have been there. This place is a very well kept secret.

Jiangsu national security education museum: Most of the places on this list are places that you’re not allowed to visit. This place is a bit different you’re not allowed to visit this museum unless you are a Chinese citizen. Only Chinese citizens are allowed in the museum because inside on display are classified documents and various types of spy equipment.

Mezghorye, Russia: This Russian nuclear missile site is located in Mexico to Russia .however the Russians deny it exists even though there are photos of the site they still deny that it exists and they still deny that it’s a missile site. It’s believed the area is heavily guarded which makes it difficult to get to the site to determine whether or not it’s a missile site.

Snake Island, Brazil: This Island is located off the shore Brazil, and you are not allowed to visit the island. Unlike many islands in Brazil you won’t find luxurious resorts on this island, in fact, you will find nobody there. The island is gone virtually untouched for years because of the deadly snakes on the island. It has been visited a few times by scientists who have reported that there are so many snakes on the island you’re not able to take more than one step without encountering a group of snakes.  If the snakes on the island aren’t enough to scare you it could be the spiders. According to the scientists who have visited the island, there are hundreds of species of deadly venomous spiders on the island as well.

Vatican secret archive: The library looks like the typical library, but it is far from the inside. This secret vault contains all the historical records from the church. There are some ancient documents and artifacts in the library. Technically everything in the trunk is owned by the Pope. If you go sightseeing and you happen upon the Vatican don’t expect to get inside to take a peek it’s not open to the public and never has been.

Inside the Coca-Cola vault: The makers of Coca-Cola take keeping the recipe a secret so seriously they keep it in a vast vault to open the vault you would need three keys and two combinations. While you are allowed to visit the vault, you are in no way allowed to go inside the vault based on the security the recipe a likely never be seen again.

Disney Club 33: This club is located at Disneyland, California and it is a very exclusive club. So exclusive in fact the location of the club is not known that even hide the entrance even if you were able to find a door you would not be able to get in because it’s not open to the public. There are plenty of people who believe that since it is so secret that Disney Club 33 is just a myth.


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