Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the world

Hey guys, today we will discuss about the Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the world. The smarter your dog, the more stimulation and companionship your dog needs, so it’s good to know what you’re working with

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the world:

Australian Cattle Dog:

The Australian Cattle Dog is a working dog. He was breed to control and herd cattle this breed is exceptionally intelligent he’s also very alert and very resourceful. He is a strong dog both mentally and physically. This breed is known for putting his toys away after he’s done playing with them.



The Rottweiler is another working dog in order for a dog to be a working dog he needs to be highly intelligent this breed has keen perception and a fierce loyalty to his owners these dogs are often used as guard dogs and police dogs which require a great deal of intelligence.


This butterfly ear dog is as smart as he is adorable he’s also so tough and strong. He’s often called the Bionic dog these dogs are very protective of their owners and also the things that belong to him. This dog is so intelligent that he can be litter box trained it’s not something that you can say about pretty much any other dog.

Labrador retriever:

This dog can’t clean up his own poop like the dog in the picture however the lab is a very intelligent breed not only is he known for his intelligence. He’s also known for his patience his gentleness and his affection these things make the lab a great family dog due to his vast intelligence. The lab is often chosen for search and rescue teams assisting disabled people and working for the police. he is so smart he’s able to train himself.

Shetland Sheepdog:

This dog is very devoted to his family his main concern is that his family is safe and sound he gets this instinct because he was breed to watch over the herd on the farm. His intelligence makes it possible for him to learn new commands with very little repetition. It’s not just commands that he can easily learn he can also learn tricks his intelligence makes him want to be challenged. Often and he’s happy when he’s playing games that test his mind.

Doberman pinscher:

The Doberman has inborn fearlessness which makes him a really popular guard dog. He’s extremely intelligent and he can be trained for dominance or docility because he’s so smart he’s used as a soldier during war he’s also often used as a police dog while most people think the dog is to be feared. He’s actually a very gentle breed who is fiercely loyal to his family.

Golden retriever:

The golden retriever is a very popular breed due to his affectionate nature and his intelligence this dog is able to learn over 200 commands he’s also able to learn complex tricks he’s a very patient and loving dog which makes him great for families with small children he has a willingness to learn and he’s happiest when his intelligence is tested he loves to learn and show his owners what he has learned if the golden retriever is in the park with his owner and he sees a rabbit or a squirrel he’s smart enough to control himself and not chase the animals that’s why many owners don’t put their golden retrievers on a leash unless absolutely necessary.

German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd was originally breed for his intelligence not only is he smart he is courageous, this dog can learn tasks with only a few repetitions when the dog is first given a command he follows it without the need for an additional command due to this high level of intelligence he’s often used as a working dog. He’s used as a guard dog to also as a police dog and a search-and-rescue dog. There be even bands some German Shepherds who have been trained by the military for parachute jumps something that only a German Shepherd could do.


Poodle is a very intelligent dog, he’s very easily trained and he has a very sharp mind this is why you often see poodles in the circus performing trick. Poodle who live with families love to learn tricks and love to play the best type of play is create play where the dog can use his brain. He’s so smart that he can find creative ways to amuse himself when his owners are not around to play with him just because he loves to look nice it doesn’t mean that he’s not one of the smartest dogs in the world.

Jack Russell terrier:

Of the ten most intelligent dogs in the world the Jack Russell Terrier is considered to be the most intelligent. He is very easily trained which makes him a very popular dog for television shows. One of the most famous Jack Russell Terriers was moose, he played the dog Eddie on the hit show freezer for nine years.

The fact that this dog is very easy to train also makes him a popular dog for busy families he is a very well behaved dog.

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