Top 10 incredible police vehicles

10. Dubai Police Ferrari FF: Dubai is known for the luxurious and fastest cars. So the police force needs extra efficiency car taht match up the level of super cars, so thats why police force use this type of car. They have an insane fleet of cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador and a luxury Chevrolet, but possibly the most impressive was added in 2013- a Ferrari FF. At the time the car had a base price of more than 300,000 dollars. It was painted in the local PD’s distinctive green and white colors, with aerodynamic lights and sirens on the roof and front bumper so performance wouldn’t be affected.

9. Drones: It seems everyone’s obsessed with drones these days, from home enthusiasts to the leading television cinematographers. Of course the military uses large versions to help keep personnel out of the line of fire, but in 2017 the LAPD began a year long test of the use of UAV’s. It will be used by the SWAT team to help resolve “dangerous, high-risk tactical situations”. The trial allows them to have one drone in use, and one as a backup- and it’ll probably be a relief to everyone to know that they won’t be armed.

8. Sea Panther: Police Jurisdictions aren’t always constrained to land. Remember there are large expanses of water and coastline that need to be patrolled. The Marine Region branch of the Hong Kong Police force have this covered. They are responsible for an area that includes 263 islands, and to do so have a fleet of more than 142 water craft- the most of any civil police force in the world. The most impressive boats that they have are known as the Sea Panther Command boats.

7. The Rook: US police forces have use this technology to help them respond to threats. The 315,000 dollar machine is built off a Caterpillar chassis, and comes with armor, night vision, thermal imaging, multiple cameras, and 4 different attachments depending on what it’s being used for. There’s also a vehicle extraction tool that can move or immobilize vehicles, and a grapple claw that can be used to move doors and debris out of the way. The rook really is a game changer and offers a great amount of functionality while keeping the officers safe within its reinforced plating.

6. MMX Stealth Electric Motorcycle: The Zero motorcycles MMX Stealth Electric Motorcycle was originally designed for military purposes, but it also has clear benefits for police forces, which is why the LAPD got their hands on one in 2014. Normally so loud that perps can hear them coming a mile away, bikes have limited use when it comes to covert operations- but this model gives all the advantages of a mobile vehicle, with far fewer of the disadvantages. It’s usable off road too, can speed through water up to a depth of 3.2 feet and produce 68 pound-feet of torque- all while carrying lights, sirens, and a hard storage container. Civilians can’t get one, but if you’re lucky and are in LA, you might see one flying down the road at some point in the future.

5. The Bozena Riot: This next vehicle, known as the Bozena Riot, is designed to deal with rioters and hooligans, and it’s an absolute beast. Built in Slovakia, it weighs 18 tons and is equipped with water cannon and gas canisters. The main shield is 24 feet tall. It is bullet and fireproof, and can be expanded or retracted to allow it to fit down whatever street it is needed. It can also be lifted to allow officers forward, or to provide protection for people trying to escape an incident. On top of the barrier there are high powered flood lights, flashing lights, numerous cameras, recording equipment and loudspeakers- so events can all be closely monitored. The vehicle can be driven from within the cab, or remotely from another location- and even has a water cannon facing backward to protect it from any attack from the rear.

4. Airships: Following notorious disasters in the 1930’s, the age of the large airship seemed to have come to an end- but smaller versions are still used today, and are used to help police monitor some of the most high profile events. You will, of course, have seen blimps being used to promote various products in the skies of metropolitan areas. But the Skyship 500, developed by the now defunct Airship Industries, was used by the LAPD for surveillance purposes at the 1984 Olympic Games and similar versions have continued to be used at every Olympics and various other large scale events since. They can simply hover above the area with cameras pointing down below to keep a close eye on the crowds, and communicate any troubles to the forces on the ground.

3. Lenco BearCat G3: In the US, around 50 police officers are killed every year, mostly by shootings, and mainly during arrests or ambushes. It’s basically a 16,000 pound armoured tank that can reach speeds of 80 mph, is bulletproof for bullets up to .50 caliber, and can carry up to ten people. It’s the most common armoured personnel carrier that’s used by SWAT teams, and the best thing for them is that they get these vehicles for free after massive increases in Homeland spending by Presidents Bush and Obama.

2. H175 Helicopter: Aerial support helps Police track criminals and monitor events as they unfold, and no vehicle is more effective than the helicopter. One of the most technologically capable models is the Airbus H175, and recently the Thai police force have commissioned two into service. The computer systems on board, including autopilot, mean that the pilot has a reduced workload. That’s so that the pilot can have increased situational awareness and operational safety. Currently there are only 17 H175’s in operation around the world, but in total have logged more than 12,000 hours in the air. If the introduction to the Thai police’s fleet goes well, it’s more than likely that other forces will place an order soon too.

1. Italian State Police Lamborghini Huracan: This one is by far the most incredible police vehicle in the world. It was delivered to Italian police authorities in March of 2017, and as you’d expect from the country responsible for designing the planet’s best supercars, it’s a work of art- a Lamborghini Huracan painted in Polizi blue. The version used by the police costs around 250,000 dollars, and will surely give high speed criminals a run for their money. At least, if there’s any consolation for those that are caught by this one of a kind police car, it’s that they get to see it close up before they’re carted off to jail.

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