Symbols with an Hidden Story behind

Today we’re going to be looking at popular symbols with a hidden meaning we never noticed even when we saw the symbols every day.

So, the major list is below:

USB: Use a piece of one of the most useful things as they used to toggle it for an example of things into your computer bugs the symbol looks pretty strange right it’s a triangle with a bend in the middle of it with a circle and square on the ends this may seem like a random school but this is not at all the cakes. The USB symbol actually inspired by the “Trident of Poseidon”. Poseidon is the great god of sea voters and the horses and his Trident presenting three things and that’s why there are three ends of the USB symbol. The triangle is the horses, the circle is the waters and the square presents the sea and each one symbolizes a different device connecting to any computer this is because you can connect any device to any computer showing how universal it is. Never know who did the thinking behind the symbol but whoever they were they had way too much time on their hands.

CMD command: In mac, if you move down to your keyboard on the bottom row of keys you saw a key that says CMD command and on that same key will be a square with four circles. This may seem like a made up symbol by Apple. Only people in Sweden will know the true meaning behind this symbol that’s right in Sweden this is a common road sign which is used to point out the famous landmarks thanks to the symbol meaning there’s an important landmark that makes sense for the Command key as it’s one of the most important keys on the mac.

Check: Check is what a teacher writes next to a test Answers. Well, that never happened to me but you do see it with stupid people while this is used in schools in 2017 in originated in the Roman Empire. The check stands for true in Latin. Over time, however, the symbol changed thanks to people using ink pens the ink didn’t always appear immediately as he began writing with pens which weren’t very good. So, the first line became shorter and it could get confusing having check marks on the left of you looking so similar. Now that is one fascinating fact all the way from the Roman Empire.

Peace: Today the peace symbol is everywhere in real life and in pop culture but what does it really mean some people think it has something to do with the peace sign you can make with your fingers but this is wrong this is the actually originates from Flag communication. The two lines making a mountain shaped mean an in-flight communication and the line going directly down means didn’t fly communication.

Recycling: This is a symbol we’re seeing more and more as the world gets greener and greener. The symbol is pretty new actually came about on Earth Day in 1970 which for the record was the first ever Earth Day theories may seem basic but they have three meanings. Firstly they represent generations as prime parents help the world for adults and then adults help the world for kids this way the world will keep being saved and made better forever as it goes in an infinite loop. The square pulse of the arrows also separated from the arrows of progress this is because the square plots represent number new abilities which are on the way out and of course Green is the color of nature so they have to include it in the logo.

Radiation: This symbol is very scary I’m just supposed to show danger but what is this scary sign really me well I’m surprisingly us it’s about radiation the explanation is something to do with science. Each of the four parts of the symbol actually means something the circle in the middle is an atom and then the shapes around it mean the three different types of radioactivity those being gamma Alpha and Beta. Well, this will sound like front houses anyway the sun was made in 1906. Not only to scare people away from the faces but also to educate people they should have already used this in school maybe they’re not a post-science but this symbol is really interesting as I was assumed it was a fidget spinner based of the first historic fidgets spinner of 1986.

@: We’ll use that symbols every day for email and even if you’re too young for e-mail and just use Instagram or snap then you still need an email to sign up to them the sign at first may just look like a different way of writing the letter ‘a’ in @ but the true meaning behind this symbol is a little more complex. The origin is partly unknown as it’s surprisingly old and was way before computers let alone e-mail most believe that the at symbol is a shortened version of Latin word add which means too but another theory is that the symbol is to do with the robot which is a unit of weights the sun was moved on to English typewriters when they were around and then naturally moved them to computers off that in 1972 when e-mail was invented by creator Ray Thomas and he chose the at symbol to be used in emails making it famous and fun fact in Russia the out symbol is called the dog symbol because it kind of looks like it has a small tail.


Hashtag: It is everywhere on the Internet today it’s now used as a hashtag on things like Twitter and Instagram but this of course was not the original meaning nor is it anything to do with the telephone it actually originates from Latin and is a medieval signature its means with gold in Latin and was used to sign off letters. In medieval times kind of like how people say God bless today and in some countries this is also used as a pound symbol as in weight one thing’s for sure this symbol has a lot of uses with their peace sign in the medieval letter word.

Copyright: The copyright symbol is used to show something as you’ll see it was first used in 1670 in the USA. When officer wants to show their work and used the word copyright instead of the symbol “We know today” The first time the shortened symbol of a C in a ring with used wasn’t 18-O in America it was then shortened to 18 standing for eighteen O and then it was shortened to A and B for some reason but then finally in 1990 for turn to the C.

Period: This has also a back-story it’s literally a thought but this symbol also has an origin story and a pretty interesting one of that initially the symbol began in Greece. It was used at the top of sentences and would be used to suppose kind of like how do you still miss today it’s then went a little lower to the middle of the sentence to show the end of a sentence and then it moved down again once more to the period symbol we all know today in various of the countries at different points in time the period symbol is meant many different things but one thing we can all agree now is that it means the end of a sentence in modern times. This is one interesting origin story it was simple we see hundreds of times a day but of course all of these symbols backstories are very interesting

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