Shocking facts about Indians and their Culture

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Here are the Shocking facts about Indians and their Culture:


Priyanka Chopra Earned More Money Playing Mary Kom Than Mary Kom Earned In Her Entire Career.


India Ranks 6th In Number Of Billionaires Per Country And It’s Also Home To 1/3rd Of The World’s Extreme Poor.

Ours Is A Country Where Saying Like ” Ladki Ghar Ki Laxmi Hai” And ” Ladki Baap Ka Bojh Hoti Hai” Co-Exist.

Most People Fight Over “The Gita And Quran Have Probably Never Read Either Book.

It’s Dangerous To Talk To Strangers But It’s Perfectly Ok To Marry One.

Everyone’s In A Hurry But No One Reaches On Time. 


Six Inches Between A Saree And A Blouse Is Cultured Two Inches Bertween A Jeans And A Top Is Uncultered.

It’s Okay To Piss In Public But It’s Not Okay To Kiss In Public.


We’d Rather Spend More On Our Daughter’s Wedding Than On Their Education.


You Need To Have Studied Till Class 8th To Become A Peon But You Don’t Need Any Educational Qualification To Run The Country.

The Shoes We Wear Are Sold In Air Conditioned Showrooms But The Vegetables We Eat Are Sold On Foothpath.


Having A Mobile Phone Is Of More Important Than Having A Toilet.

In India, You Have To Look Both Ways To Cross A One-Way Road.

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