4 Rich People who live with simple lifestyle


Today, we find the list of those Billionaire who live as an simple people. All we have the dream to become a billionaire someday and want to change our simple lifestyle. But There are some billionaire who are rich enough to get a royal lifestyle as a big business man, but they live as simple as. 

Here are the list of Rich People Who Live as an Simple people:

Tim Cook: Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple since 6 years. He managed to accumulate a solid capital during all this time various things. Just imagine from 500 million dollars, how many things you could buy. Like cycling and wearing simple office clothes. He has only 2400 square feet of the house compared to other properties in the Silicon Valley. His modest lifestyle help some Remember how he started and where he comes from. Money is not a motivation for. It’s probably a bit strange to the person actually.

Sergey Brinl: one of the founders of Google. To the principles of saving, having a fortune of more than 40 billion dollars. The founder of Google is always comparing prices in stores where they are cheaper and also ask them for a discount.


Mark Zuckerberg: Doesn’t know the founder of Facebook. Today one of the richest technological magnates despite having an impressive capital of more than 71 billion looks like a student and is clearly not going to change his lifestyle. He is simple and he has about two dozen identical T. shirts with a logo of well-known social network Facebook. He likes McDonald’s food. Even during the wedding trip he didn’t change his tastes and seen in one of the restaurants with his young wife. By the way, the wedding was also very modest they got married in the backyard of their house with only 100 guests. He doesn’t seem like we’re talking about the founder of the most popular social network in the world.


Warren Buffett: The 87-year-old American entrepreneur and head of Berkshire Hathaway. This not only the world’s largest investor but also a very modest man he even complained to the U.S. government. Despite his multimillion-dollar fortune Buffett’s old two-story house which he bought back in 1957 like Mark Zuckerberg prefers to eat fast food. Much according to the billionaire he tries to avoid luxury goods because expensive purchases are an extra pain in the neck.



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