Pixel 3 Upcoming Smartphone Full details

Pixel 3 Upcoming Smartphone Full details

Pixel 3 Upcoming Smartphone Full details: Today, we are going to tell you about the latest upcoming Google Smartphone which is only one Pixel Smartphone. So, get ready for the new Pixel 3 with new features and technology. So, back in 2016 Google revealed the first Pixel and Pixel XL flagship Smartphones and both of them were amazing in terms of design build quality, camera and software. And last year also Google continued with the pixel 2 series. This year Google is going to reveal a total of three pixel Smartphones, the two of them will be flagship Smartphones while the one is going to be a mid-range.


According to the latest reports out from China, we now have the first information about the flagship pixel 3 Smartphones and assuming the leaks are right the pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL will feature a 17:9 2K display which is a major improvement over the previous generation pixel 2 XL. It has 5.5 inches display screen. Also the pixel 3 will use LG’s plastic bullet screen but as compared to last year this time Google is going to make it powerful in terms of all the parameters. It is also going to support a smart 120 megahertz refresh rate. So, definitely you are going to see some major improvements in terms of display.


Now talking about the processor Google is going to use the unannounced Snapdragon 846 CPU which will crush the 845 in terms of performance and battery life. Pixels will come in two variants a 6 GB RAM and 8 GB RAM.


Now about the cameras, Google is working with Sony for one inch stacked CMOS sensor. That sensor will be used for multi frame selection. Google is also working for high-resolution optical stabilization lens. Moreover they are going to use the second-generation pixel visual core image processor which will bring major improvements in the camera performance and artificial intelligence image stabilization. So, definitely brace yourself because Google is also to break the limit once again.


Regarding the battery life Google is going to use a larger battery than the pixel 2 XL. It has quick charging with 3000 mAh Capacity of battery. 

So just like last year Google will be announcing the pixel 3 lineup in the month of October along with the latest Android 9.0 operating system.

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