Now Charge phone from your clothes

Now Charge phone from your clothes: Friends, how to wonder if we charge our phone through T-shirts. We have Smart phones, Smart watch, smart gadgets and smart goggles. All we know that we have phones from many decades. We made them Smart phones by adding smart features. Same as in Smart watches, we made boring analog watches into a Smart watch. And we make simple goggles into smart goggles. As we go on to the Future scientist want to make gadgets which help in our daily life and make them much easier. But we never imagine that the clothes will have a smart Technology. We know that the only thing which doesn’t include technology is clothes. clothes have doesn’t a relationship with Tech. So the next target is to make the textile smarter in technology.


Nowadays many researchers research on it. They want to find how clothes improve to help in our daily life. There are regular researchers are going on, the two main streams are computing and energy. The computing field wants to say that the clothes are able to compute and worked as a computer. Energy creation is the second factor. Many countries like us and China are able to create energy from clothes. However, these clothes are not as simple as we have, of course, these clothes have some smart features but we also used in our daily life for clothing. If this type of clothes is available in the market then it will create a new buzz in the technology field. These clothes material are not costly because it is made up of a simple type of polymer and the coating of metals and semi-electors. This way it will create energy from the two ways. You might able to think first by that is solar energy. The sunlight helps the fabric to generate energy. And the second way is the body movement of our body. As you always see if you two rub 2 materials, then the reactive charge will be generated. This method is called Triboelectricity. As you move your body then the friction from your body will be created and by the help of NanoGenerators the electricity will be produced. This type of fabric is breathable and you can or wear it easily. There will be no reaction with your skin. It is too thin and flexible. The important thing that is it will not create much energy that you use it for your AC appliances such as fan, TV and much more. But it can be used for charge Smart watches or Smart phones and it might use for cooling of clothes from inside.



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