Maestro Edge Full Review

Maestro Edge

With the Hero and Honda split up few years ago, Hero Motocorp has been struggling quite a lot to create an identity of their own. Now they launched the Maestro, which ironically was derived from the Activa. With the recent launch of the Maestro Edge, Hero has finally created something innovative, something different.

Let’s find out whether this one’s really got the edge.

Style and performance:

The overall styling of the Maestro Edge is quite similar to the older one. The front end stays more or less the same, but with an edgier design. The conventional tail lamp at the rear has been replaced by an LED unit, and the smaller exhaust has been replaced by a rather stubby one. Also, the matte color scheme of this one goes very well with the scooter’s character.

The performance of the Maestro Edge reminds me of the second gen Activa, but it gets an all new sightly bigger 110CC engine. It has a punchy low end, decent mid range- where it feels like home.

Comfort and safety:

The Maestro Edge carries some really comfortable ergonomics, thanks to its front telescopic forks and a 12 inch alloy. The seat is wide and really soft which is also comfortable for a pillion. The ride quality is good and very comfortable than other scooters. The integrated braking along with MRF tyres work really well and inspire a lot of confidence even in the worst of conditions and big dugs on the roads. The handle of this scooty is same size of the bike handle which can’t get pain into our hands while riding for many hours. The breaking system is so powerful which may a quite responsible for the safety.


The Maestro Edge goes on to show how innovative Hero can be. There are many features like:

The Immobilizer key opens the external fuel filler cap, the seat and of course, the ignition.

It also has value added features like a pass light, side, a stand indicator and a bulb in the under seat storage.

The top model that comes with integrated braking and alloy wheels, the Hero Maestro Edge definitely gives the competition a run for its money.

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