Mac Vs PC Comparison

Today, we compare the most popular debate topic which is Mac Vs PC Comparison. They both came in the epic battle for many years. They have their own availability, function and price. But today we compare both of them. Mac is an Apple private Ltd. Company which is discovered by Steve Jobs. The first Mac computer was launched in 1984 and the name of that computer is Macintosh. So, we can say that Mac computer is very old and popular and they invested money and their hard work in the field of Research and development. They both have own Operating systems. Apple Mac is currently running on OS X and Window PC is run on Windows OS. 

Here we start Mac Vs PC Comparison:

Variety (Mac < Windows)

The variety of the Pc is far above from the Mac. Yes, we all know that Window Pc comes in huge varieties whether it is price, size, and function. But in case of Mac, you have only one choice of price and functions. So, in the debate of variety, the advantage goes toward the Pc.

Stability of Software and Hardware (Mac > Windows)

In this point, Mac has the advantage because Apple owns the company which made the software and hardware together and they have their own OS that’s why the stability of a Mac Pc is so realistic. In case of windows pc, the Microsoft company only part of the operating system software but the hardware of the Pc is from a different company like Hp, Lenovo, Acer, etc. This is the reason why windows pc has the slower version of stability because they didn’t match up with the hardware and software of the pc. While in the case of Mac, the tuning of same company’s software and hardware results the best.

Gaming (Mac < Windows)

If you are searching for a gaming Pc and you are confused between Mac and other Pc. Then we suggest you choose any of the windows pc but don’t dare to go with the Mac Pc or laptop. This is because the gaming level and processor of Mac is so slow and it is not made for the gaming purposes. You can play games in simple windows better than a Mac Pro. So, for gaming purposes, the windows Pc or custom Pc is best for you.

Usage (Mac > Windows)

If you have a requirement for audio, video or any media purposes, then the Mac is better than a windows Pc. The performance of the Mac is best in this field. The software provided by Apple Mac is suitable most of the user which is not available on any windows Pc even from paid software.

Virus (Mac > Windows)

Mac has great advantages in this virus category. That is not means that virus didn’t develop in Mac but it may be the rare case because of high security and market share. On another hand Windows pc have the fair chance of having a virus because it has the 98% market sharing, that’s the reason, mostly hackers targets the windows pc. So, we can say that Mac is more secure than Pc.

Price (Mac < Windows)

All the people now saying that Apple has the highest rate of Pc and laptop, this is not real. Windows have many models which have the price greater than the Mac Pc such as Alien Ware. So, in some cases, they both will costly as per requirement of the user. So, it is a subject-able point that price is dependable on the user’s requirement. But at last windows Pc is cheap and best at its reasonable price which gives another point to it.


We hope you liked the above article which a comparison between Mac Vs Windows Pc  . So, guys at the end we suggest you if you are working on Windows pc and you want a change then you should buy a Mac Pc which gives another experience. Same for the Mac user, if you have bored with the Mac then you can also go for windows Pc or laptops.


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