list of unique mobile phones in the world

Hello everyone, Do you remember the first mobile phones ever created. It all started with these huge black and white receivers that look like bricks then it was all about flip buttons and slush Phones but soon after smart phones appeared and now it seems like everyone has one. You probably also notice that lately all the phones are starting to look the same that’s why in this blog we want to show you some unique smart phones that you probably haven’t seen before. So, let’s discover the most unusual and exclusive Phones in the world.smartphones with unique designs, smartphones with unique features, most unusual mobile phones, unique design mobile phones in india, unique phones 2017, unique smartphones 2017, unique smartphones 2016, weird phones you can buy

The list of most unusual Smart-phones:


Google project ARA: We believe that a revolutionary era in sense of Smartphone is soon to come. Just look at this Smartphone unusual. Unfortunately project ARA is not on the market but the writers of a famous internet polls will go one of these in their hands. it goes by the code name 8801 and it’s probably just an earlier version for the developers. In this model the different parts of the phone connected with magnets in. the past declare that the magnets are not enough to keep the different modules together. So it was designed as a electromagnets. The stick out from the corpus and leave the blocks safely together but this small phone is not compact its twelve point four millimeters. Probably that’s one of the reasons why Google decided to close the project.

The Dras phone: This is probably the most unusual Smartphone in the whole world. The thing is you can pull up like a bunch of domino tiles. More over the phone has a modern touch screen which can be bent 118 degrees in three different points. Can you imagine this innovative design makes the phone more compact? Folding your fund one or even two times and even when folded the screen is fully functional and shows your notifications and any important information using all kinds of widgets.

Lenovo CPlus: When unfolded this Smartphone looks like a remote control with a huge screen. These dense of the bottom of the phone or a little bit of the usual but this is fun for its It bends. It can be fold around the wrist. The representatives of Lenovo screen can still crack like shattered glass when rolling it. The electronic insides of the safe plus are divided into different segments and so the phone can be used as a smart watch and the interface changes according to you want to use it.

Triple display flip: Believe it or not this is an unusual thing works along with the Windows 7. The folding design of this device guarantees the protection of the phone because the screen is usually closed up by the top and bottom flips. a little bit of screen remains uncovered between the flips in order to show you the most important information like the name of the people calling the arrow and the date. The device opens fast and easily presses those 2 clicks in the left and right side of the frame. Moreover the triple flip can fold out to all its life like every other fun this one has a virtual keyboard but for those who love retro buttons the device has a qwerty keyboard on one of the sides. This Smartphone is the new wet dream of all the video game but this is not normal fun it has an unusual design it flips it slides and it rotates instead of your usual keyboard under the screen the creator of this project put a set of your unusual gangbuster a deep flat sticks so it’s basically a front supply.

NEC Flip Phones: How many screens does a modern mobile phone? one like most Smartphones nowadays maybe say two, we believe three is the magic number even among those who can find a multi-headed servers But instead of three heads this gadget has three screens and having three displays running on Android is just the perfect solution for multitasking. You might think this is unreal but the three screens in the all fun can be used with different apps and run in different modes. One app for each screen or one up in all the three screens you can do as you like. The three screens are especially useful to work with different files all at the same time and the keyboard on the back of one of the screens is just what you need to work even better that when you flip phone. Moreover with three screens you can use ones replace your phone and that’s what your photos, videos all to use it as a alarm clock.

Arubixs Portal: The heart of this telephone is a multi-core processor and a 64GB flash memory but the main feature is that the telephone has four cameras and some of them can be controlled with gestures. Other features of this phone are stereophonic speakers, wireless charging, G.P.S. navigational system, a chip for wireless payment and waterproof.  It seems like this phone has everything you may think of. The screen is protected against scratches and the frame is made of resistant materials.

NEC Medias W: one closed this Smartphone is not different from a usual PDA. only maybe a little thicker than normal thirteen millimeters but if you open it you’ll be amazed by its two four point three inch L.C.D. screens this huge display can be used to work on one app in full mode or in two different apps at the same time. If you’re watching a video for example you can enjoy don’t buy the screens just put the phone on a table like account house and many people can enjoy the same.  But this model has a couple of problems the battery capacity is not the best and one charge will not be enough for a full day of work and it’s also very fragile when closed the screens aren’t protected and you might end up breaking your gadgets.

Nokia 888: This phone is an example of flexibility, the idea is that the innovative screen and the soft frame will allow use of bend the phone in any way you want, around your arms folded bents in woods and outwards and so on. The phone is supposed to be 5mm thick and apart from that this device will have a built in system of cables that will allow it to move the bend if you get a message or calls. Phone has come to life what a wonder liquid batteries might be used for energy supplies well. The Nokia 888 will be easily the phone of the future so we are to see it sitting on the market because it looks great.

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