List of those places where you don’t want to swim

Hey, guys ever wonder that there are some List of those places where you don’t want to swim because of their real story behind it. In this article, we give the details of that place, pond, river or watery place where no one wants to swim. To know the details of that places you have to read the below article thoroughly.

The following List of those places where you don’t want to swim:

Beaches of Mumbai:  India features plenty of beaches these beaches were once gorgeous and today they’re not fit for swimming. Large amounts of untreated sewage are pumped into Mumbai and the surrounding areas this is left the water extremely polluted also the people who are living in poor neighborhoods often toss their trash and waste into storm drains which eventually ends up on the beach. There’s also a great deal of human and animal feces in this water regardless of the pollution people still try to swim here. Many complain of skin rashes after swimming and others become very ill.

 New Smyrna Beach, Florida: This is a great place for surfing if you like swimming with sharks. The water here is overpopulated with fish and that attracts sharks. According to the International Shark Attack File, this is the shark attack capital of the world. According to scientists who have studied the beach if you go swimming in these waters, you will at all time are within ten feet of a shark. The most commonly found shark in this area is the bull shark which does tend to be extremely aggressive.

 Bubbly Creek, Chicago: Bubbly Creek is the name for the South Fork of the Chicago River. During the twentieth century, the flow of the river was reversed to protect the drinking water. This made it difficult to clean up the water though and today it’s full of decomposing animal carcasses also the surrounding meatpacking plants dumping their waste including urine blood and new are into the water. The water is so polluted that the surface of the water bubbles hence the name ‘Bubbly creek’ there are even blood worms that live in this creek and live off the waste it is one of the grossest places in the world.

The Samaesan Hole:  This is not a place for fishing however it is a very popular spot for extreme divers. It’s located near Samaesan in a nearby fishing village. It’s one of the deepest dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand with a drop of 280 ft. The strong currents in the water and the many oil tankers that pass make these waters even more dangerous. Only the most skilled and experienced divers drop into this hole. To dive in and come up safely you need to have special equipment and have formal diving training even if you have those things you might not want to go near these waters just because of the danger.

The Yenisei River, Russia: This is one of the last places you would ever want to swim because it is radioactively contaminated. There’s a plutonium factory nearby and they have been dropping particles in the river for years. The factory claims that there’s nothing wrong with the water. While the people who live downstream of that plant they have higher rates of leukemia, breast cancer, and their babies are born with genetic defects another feeling they probably have something different to say about the quality of that water.

Horseshoe Lake, California:  Horseshoe Lake is gorgeous the only problem is that there were several earthquakes between 1989 and 1990 when these earthquakes occurred it allowed excessive amounts of carbon dioxide to rise killing all of the trees while there is very little risk of volcanic eruptions the gas levels in this area are unpredictable it can be safe one day and the next the gas levels could kill you there are warning signs all over the area to warn you of this danger.

Eagle’s Nest sinkhole, St Petersburg Florida: This place has been called the Mount Everest of diving when you look at it from the ground it looks like a pond that’s not until you get into the water and then it becomes dangerous. There was a large underwater cube system with over a mile of passages and rooms that are larger than entire football fields but the passageways are no longer than a door. The deepest part of the sinkhole is 310ft deep. So, many people died here that they closed it back in 1999.

Kipu Falls, Kauai: Falls is a very beautiful place however you are not allowed to swim here the reason that swimming is forbidden is that so many people have died while swimming. Some people jump from the ledges and become injured or died other swimmers have died for no apparent reason they have been reports of people swimming and then suddenly becoming distressed disappearing under the surface of the water with no apparent reason.


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