Interesting facts about Despacito

Hey, Welcome to our site. Today we are talking about the most famous trend or we can say that VIRAL SONG IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. So, there is some Interesting story behind the success of this song.

Following points is the Interesting facts about Despacito:

  • The singer of this song is Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero who is well known by his stage name Luis Fonsi. He is the actor, singer, songwriter, and performer. He was born on 15 April 1978 at San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • In Spanish, the real meaning of Despacito is slowly.
  • You can imagine the popularity of this song that this song in YouTube has got 21 Million likes which are sometimes a total view in a popular YouTube channel.
  • After the release of this song, Daddy Yankee has given the solo performance in the first concert of this song in Mexico.
  • Zuleyka Rivera who is the Miss Universe of 2006 has also featured in this music video.
  • Luis Fonsi has said that ‘Despacito’ word comes in his mind once when he was waked up in morning. And he starting writing the song about Despacito with his friend and the lyricist Erika Ender.
  • Luis Fonsi has chosen Daddy Yankee for the rap part of the song. We all know about the Daddy Yankee who had given the famous song “Gasolina” which is a quite popular hip-hop song.
  • When the song is quite popular, then the Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber listens to this song in a nightclub. Justin calls Luis Fonsi and tells him that he wants to make a remix of Despacito song.
  • The remix version of the Despacito is also quite popular and gets 550+ Million in YouTube.
  • This song is first Spanish song of the Justin Bieber.
  • The cover version of Despacito has sung in 20 Different languages in 20 Countries.
  • Due to lyrics of this song, this song is banned in Malaysia.


  • It was his highest debut ever on the Hot Latin Songs chart of Daddy Yankee.
  • It became the No.1 on the Billboard chart and remained there for 34 consecutive weeks.
  • It is becoming the world’s most streamed song of all time with 4.6 billion streams.
  • It got the Platinum and Gold Certificates from many countries.
  • In the Indian Chart Buster, this song is at the No.1 position.

There are huge achievements of this Viral Song. The above has only the 10% of the total achievements.  A Popular song consists of a Good singer, rapper, stars, lyrics, and music. All quality is included in this song which makes this no.1 song of the world.

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