How TrueCaller actually Works?

How TrueCaller actually Works?

Hello, welcome to this site. In today’s topic we discuss the How TrueCaller actually Works. We all have many useful apps and use it for daily use and Truecaller is one of them. Truecaller is an amazing application for user and tells the unknown numbers’s details and you know the registered name of that number. But the main question of most people is that How truecaller actually works. The technical concept behind this application software is simple and straightforward but the regular user amazed by this app. The apps’s most magical features is to display the details and name of that person who is not save in your contact list and even spam calls. This concept of capturing the details of spam and unknown number is known as “Crowd Sourcing”.

How TrueCaller actually Works:

After the installation of Truecaller app. The contacts in your phone Book is synced with the server of truecaller. And we know that Truecaller have millions of user that are also synced with this server. So, In future if you receive any call from unknown number that is not saved in your contact list, may be that number is saved in the contact list of any user from the millions of Truecaller user which is directly synced with the server. After all it show and display the name of that unknown number. But the problem is that the name is not actually correct every time. Because the contact can be saved with any name.

You can also hide your name with the privacy method. You can easily Un-list the number from the truecaller website: and now your number is not shown in truecaller app in any device.

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