How Portrait Mode Works on Google Pixel 2?

How Portrait Mode Works on Google Pixel 2?

In the world of technology now everyone has a Smartphone and they love to clicks photos. Now days, guy wants to clicks pictures and want their photo looks wonderful and seems like clicked by a DSLR camera. The first portrait camera feature comes with iphone 7 plus. Apple use two cameras for the portrait shots, one camera is standard lens and second one is optical zoom. After the combination of both cameras, you got the perfect portrait pictures.

Now mostly Smartphone comes with portrait mode and it seems like common now. Every Smartphone uses two cameras to click the portrait shots and pictures. But we all know that the Google Pixel 2 has the best camera to click Portrait photos till now. The blur and portrait mode of the pixel 2 is speechless. But wait, Pixel 2 doesn’t have any extra camera to take portrait pictures. We mean that Every Smartphone needs two Cameras for capturing the portrait shots but how pixel 2’s single camera manages to capture the perfect Portrait pictures. So, today we are going to talking about How Portrait Mode Works on Google Pixel 2?

Here’s how Portrait Mode Works on Google Pixel 2?

dual pixel portrait mode

The first of all Google Pixel’s camera sensor supports Dual Pixel technology. Yes, its camera supports the Dual Pixel system that divides every pixel of the picture into two sub-pixels and it works when the light comes from two different angles. So, the two sub pixel has ability to detect the photo from the two different angles and after it Google AI combines and analysis all pixels at once. In fact Google uses 1 million different pictures to trained neural network to identify the main object in any background of the picture.

 So, the camera takes a normal photo and after the processing time Google’s AI converts it into a portrait picture by detect the main subject and background easily. The pixel camera system blurs the background in proportion in that way, how far the objects are from the in-focus segmentation mask.  Pixel 2 uses this technology in front camera also.

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