How Mac is different from Windows: Everything You Need to Know

How Mac is different from Windows

In this article you will get to know about How Mac is different from Windows. And if you have to switch from windows to Mac what you should need to know. We will tell you about what changes you have to learn from Windows to Mac OS easy.

Here are the changes How Mac is different from Windows:


The desktop on the Mac and the one on windows are very different while you will usually have icons like this PC control panel etc.

Creating new folders:

On window was done using Ctrl + Shift + n but on a Mac it is done by using command + shift + n.

If you prefer using the mouse where you would have to tap with two fingers and click on your folder.

Renaming files and folders:

On Windows you can either right click on the file folder or click rename or you can select the file and hit F2.

On a Mac you can either right-click on the file and click rename or you can simply select the file and hit enter.

Mac’s also organize your files differently while you must be used to seeing your drive partitions such as C,D,E etc. On a Mac there are no such partitions your entire Drive is used as one partition and all your files are safe there. The most common places are all available in the sidebar. You can see applications that are where all your applications are saved.

If you connect USB drives:

You can eject the USB Drive on Windows by clicking on the icon in the taskbar and selecting a check.

On a Mac you have to locate the USB Drive on the Finder sidebar and click on the eject icon

To check the properties of a file or folder:

On Windows you can right click on the file and click on properties.

On a Mac you will have to either right click on the file and click get info or select the file and press command + I.

Keyboard shortcuts:

You should know some keyboard shortcuts when you switch to a Mac.

Copying files:

On windows can be done with Ctrl + C but on a Mac you’ll use command + C

Paste files:

You must be using Ctrl + V on windows but on a Mac you would use Command + V

Cut a file:

You use Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V on Windows. But in Mac you have to use Command + C to copy and then command + option + V to move the file.

Select all the files:

You will have used Ctrl + A on Windows. But On a Mac you’ll have to use command + A.

Switch between applications:

On Mac you can use command + tab also to quit apps use command+ Q these may not seem like the easiest shortcuts at first but you’ll get the hang of them in no time.


Mac trackpad is the best in class and that reason for the most part is gestures while gestures on Windows track pads are limited usually to pinching in and out for zooming. The Mac trackpad offers a lot of gestures to navigate around the Mac OS environment.

You can form a three finger swipe up to open Mission Control this is where you can see all the apps that you have launched on your Mac these apps are also displayed as icons the dock with a small black dot under their icons if you have opened multiple windows of the same app you can use a three-finger swipe round gesture this will launch app expose which displays all of the windows of the app that was in focus when you perform the action by working on an app. If you need to take a quick peek at the desktop you can simply pinch out.


In Windows while you can launch the windows search by using windows + s but On Mac use command + space.

Multiple desktops

Mac’s also support multiple desktops something that windows has only started supporting in Windows 10. If you want to use multiple desktops on a Windows PC you can click on the task View icon in the taskbar and add new desktops or switch between desktops

On a Mac you can go to Mission Control and then add new desktops also it between them multiple desktops. You can move between multiple desktops on a Mac using a three finger swipe to the left or right

Installing apps:

On a Mac as compared to Windows while installing an application on Windows you would get an exe file that will run an install wizard which will then take some time to install.

On a Mac is very easy you will get a dmg file when you double click on it it will open and you simply have to drag the application icon to your Applications folder and you’re done.

Uninstalling apps:

On windows can be quite a hassle as well what with looking for an installer files and then uninstalling take some time.

On a Mac you simply have to go to that Applications folder and here you can simply select the application that you want to delete and press command + delete to uninstall.


You can use the windows snipping tool or you can take a screenshot using Windows + print screen.

On a Mac you can use a lot of shortcuts to make the kind of screenshots you’d like to take a screenshot of the entire screen just use command + shift + P. To take a screenshot of region just use command + shift + 4 and then drag your cursor over the reason you want to take a screenshot off to take screenshots of app


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