How Fast Charging Works?

How Fast Charging Works?

Fast charging feature is supported by some modern phones and tablets which charge up your Smartphone in the less time of period. It’s either reason many devices take such a long time to charge normally is the limited amount of power. So, today we are talking about How Fast Charging Works?

Here’s below how fast charging works?

It’s a technology originally developed by Qualcomm. It involves pumping a phone’s battery with high power till it reaches to about 50% and then trickle charging it the rest of the way. Fast chargers adjust the voltage amperage to deliver up to 20 watts or even higher. There are a lot of factors but one of the most basic ones is that with higher power comes higher heat. So, a device without enough internal room for the battery to expand might end up damaged, if it gets charged too quickly. So, for that reason many companies developed fast charging technology to make sure they’re both certified to support the extra power.

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Fast Chargers

This technology is also licensed to other OEMs like Samsung and Motorola, etc who then go on to add their own marketing names like say Turbo Power or adapter fast charging. Now even though the names might be different but it is essentially the same thing. So, technically you could use a Motorola charger on the Samsung phone and still have quick charging. The most widespread one is Qualcomm quick charge which is found in a large number of Android devices. Many devices that support fast charging do come with compatible chargers. In order for quick charge to work you’re going to need two main things. First of all you need a compatible power adapter. Secondly you also need a smart phone with the necessary electrical circuitry on board to deliver that high power to the battery. Now even though your phone might not be powered by a Qualcomm chipset it can still support quick charge. As we mentioned fast charging can generate more heat which is harder on your battery and may shorten its longevity. Fast charging is much more useful when your battery is drained.

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