Honey Singh vs Badshah || Who is better?

Battle Between Honey Singh and Badshah

Get up Jawani was the only song which aggregates together and the result was that the song became quite popular. Then they go their own way of stardom and they both give tough completion to each other, but Honey Singh came into Bollywood Industry and prove he was more popular than Badshah. Badshah sang so many songs in Punjab and many years of hard working he got an opportunity to sing for Bollywood movies but he was not more popular than honey Singh. Honey Singh sang for most no. of hit movies then. Honey given continuously a hit Song for a movie. Without honey’s song movie will not become a hit. After the struggle, Badshah got a song from movie Khoobsoorat called Abhi to party Shuru Hui Hai. That song has become top of that month. Then Badshah comes into a limelight among peoples. In an interview  Yo Yo Honey Singh said that if I’m a ‘Rolls Royce’ then Badshah will be  ‘Nano.’ After making so many crunchy beats and music, he was disappeared silently because of any diseases or physical problem with his body.

       Badshah    VS   Honey Singh

 Dj waley Babu   VS     Blue Eyes

           122 Millions views   VS   108 Millions views

 Humma Humma    VS    Dherre Dherree

           177 Millions views   VS   219 Millions views

Tamma Tamma    VS      Love Dose

           112 Millions views    VS    72 Millions views

 Kar Gayi Chull      VS     chaar bottel

              158 Millions views   VS     53 Millions views

 Abhi to party         VS    High Heels

                123 Millions views   VS      59 Millions views

  kala chasma          VS     Sunny-Sunny

                225 Millions views    VS     52 Millions views

  Saturday-Saturday   VS       Brown rang

               36 Millions views           VS      32 Millions views

 Selfie le le                  VS      Yaar na milley

                  36 Millions views     VS     59 Millions views

 Akkad Bakkad      VS      Ankhon-Ankhon

               59 Millions views      VS     36 Millions views

Breakup song VS    Break up party

                   173 Millions views          VS    68 Millions views

Baby ko bass      VS    Lungi dance

 25 Millions views     VS    59 Millions views


Bolo Har Har Har   VS    Aao raja

                     32 Millions views     VS   35 Millions views


Hope you liked our article which is the battle between badshah and honey singh. They both give tough competition to other But finally we have the result that Badshah is far above from Honey Singh, because of now a days Badshah’s videos have become so popular and gets more views than Honey singh have because honey singh is not available in industry rigt now. So the way for badshah is clear there’s no competition for him. We hope in future honey singh will come back again.

Now Badshah is ruling in the Bollywood like a king.




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