Full details about the Oppo find X

Full details about the Oppo find X

Full details about the Oppo find X: Chinese Smartphone has known for copying the other Smartphone whether it is Apple or Samsung in the terms of software and hardware also. But this is actually the hottest phone on the planet right now, because of its really unique design. Oppo actually has a history of doing kind of insane things with flagship phones but they don’t do them very often.

In 2018, with lots of notches and compromises, Oppo find X finds the new way to get rid of this. So, now in this blog we talk  about new Oppo find X.

Here are the Full details about the Oppo find X:

Design and color:-

Design and color of oppo find x

It’s design looks very modern obviously not a whole lot of bezel anywhere, full screen rounded corners, but if you look around even more there’s actually elegant touches everywhere. The shape is just a little unorthodox kind of tapered on the sides but gives way to this intense color design. There’s a blue and a purple version, the purple which is called Bordeaux red for some reason and it has shimmer just on the outsides of the phone while the middle stays dark mirror finish. So, the huge screen up front obviously looks super cool but even around that screen they’ve done some things that are really impressive and unique there’s a little earpiece up in the top. They actually got a real speaker up there instead of using an under glass solution.

Motorised Technology:-

Motorised Technology in oppo find x

There’s just a lot of little unique touches like that the top of the phone also has the shape of like a liquid glass melting into itself and there is no rear facing or front facing camera at all until you open the top the entire top of this phone is motorized for both the rear facing and front facing camera sensors. Here, Oppo came up with motorised technique that frames to reveal a front and rear camera.

Fingerprint sensor or Face ID:-

face id in oppo find x

To achieve this 90 3.8% screen to body ratio in 2018, you got to make some sacrifices with this phone that is there is no fingerprint reader anywhere. The front camera and a suite of other sensors including a Flood illuminator, infrared sensor, ranging sensor, receiver, and dot projector all appear because this also does facial recognition. With no fingerprint reader anywhere on this phone like the iPhone they built what you might call a face ID clone in those front-facing sensors in the motorized piece. It’s actually pretty fast, if you check that speed it’s possibly even faster than face ID in iPhone x. It just pops up looks like your face real quick and then goes back down all in about half a second.

Key Specification:-

  • Camera of 16 MP Dual Rear + 25 MP Front Camera
  • Android version of 8.1
  • 3730 mAh capacity of Battery
  • 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of inbuilt storage
  • 42″ display
  • Non removable battery
  • Cpu of 2.8 GHz, Octa Core, Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 Processor
  • There’s no headphone jack at the bottom or at all sadly but it has this unique sort of concave shape with the USBC port speaker and a dual SIM card tray.


This is genuinely interesting creative design in a Smartphone industry. Just when we thought it might have been getting kind of boring with everyone doing a notch and dual cameras and the whole predictable dance this thing comes in from left-field a new player has arrived. Hope you liked Full details about the Oppo find X. Please support us. 

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