Epic Villains of the Bollywood

Every Cinema is incomplete without villains. We all love the hero in every film but villains are the only person who always put a hero and the story line of the movie up-to the mark.  The Villains of Indian movies are always Bad-ass and have a cruel mind. They create great impacts on the movie and their cast. Bollywood movies were launched many dangerous villains between the year of 1970 to 1990. The dialogue and the acting skills make villains more successful. There are some villains who leave their lasting impression as the bad guys. In Indian films, the death of a villain means the end of the movie.

The list of Epic Villains of the Bollywood:

MOGAMBO (Mr. India)

With the powerful voice, this man makes the successful villains of all time. This actor cast in more than 150 movies and play many roles as a bad guy, but his one role as “Mogambo” in the movie “Mr. India” is always an epic. His dangerous walk with a powerful voice has always impacts on the hero. This character sticks in the minds of the people. He is the true definition of the evil guy. His famous dialogue was “MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA”.

GABBAR (Sholay)

If talks about villains who forget the most iconic villains of all time. The “Gabbar” from an evergreen movie named “Sholay” played by Amjad Khan. This character is so witty and dangerous. This film wouldn’t succeed without this villain. He talks in a funny way but his intention is always cruel and dieter. His famous dialogue was “KITNE AADMI THEY”.


The character of Shakaal is played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda who was inspired by the west cultural villains and put their thoughts on this character. This villain is so cool minded and plays every step carefully. He had the sharks and crocodile on his island. He had many smart gadgets also which looks so fancy at now. Due to an inappropriate script, Shaan didn’t make too much buzz but the Shakaal character is always be remembered. His famous dialogue was “SHAKAAL KE HAATH MEIN JITNE PATTE HOTE HAI UTNE HI USKE AASTEEN MEIN BHI HOTE HAI”.

PREM (Bobby)

This character is played by Prem Chopra which is contrary to his name. By this character, Prem Chopra came in the limelight and got many roles of villains. He always tries to catch the girls or heroine and try to hit them as well. In many films, he had to kidnap the girls. His famous dialogue was “PREM NAAM HAI MERA, PREM CHOPRA”.


This character is played by Danny Denzongpa who nailed this role. This character is all about the underworld don who want to take over the village madwa. Danny Denzongpa plays many impactful villains role but this role is all above. His dialogue was “APNA USSOOL KEHTA HAI, AGAR FAYDA HO TOH JHOOT KO SACH MAAN LO. DUSHMAN KO DOST BANA LO”.

LION (Kalicharan)

The character was played by Ajit. This villain has a classy accent of a pronunciation of the word ‘lion’ which made him famous. His hair is of golden color. His famous dialogue was “SARA SEHAR MUJHE LION KE NAAM SE JANTA HAI”.



We know that there are much more villains are left but it up to you. Try to speak any of the Villain dialogue with your friends for fun. And comment the other famous name of the popular villains of the Bollywood.

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