Disposing method of dead body in space by NASA

We’ll have to confront what to do when someone dies in space. It’s illegal to toss the body out of an airlock but keeping it in the spacecraft would cause all sorts of physical and psychological damage to the rest of the crew. Options are limited but there is one way NASA has considered it’s called “Body Back

How to dispose dead body in space?

1.  Isolate the body by placing it inside of the airtight body back which serves its coffin.

2.  After the funeral expose the body back to space where the corpse will three solid in the sub-zero temperatures.

3.  After that, Deploy the robotic arm which will rapidly vibrate the body for 15 minutes, this will break it apart into a fine powder.

4.  Dehydrate the remains stored them in a container and then attach it to the outside of the spacecraft.

If everything goes as planned you’ll have safely and legally disposed of the body. The people who designed it have said there are still challenges to overcome before it could become a viable method thankfully no one has died in space yet.

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