Dead Fashion Trends Left In The Past

Hello, Welcome to this blog which tell you about the drastic fashion trends that we used to wear in the past decades. Those fashion trends were ridiculous but it was really popular at one time.

List of the Fashion Trends Left In the Past:

The 1920s coat:

This coat from the 1920s sure looks warm but chances are you won’t be able to move too well when you’re wearing it. It wraps completely around your body so you won’t be able to use your arms at all. At least you’ll look like Cleopatra when you’re wearing it though.

80s headbands:

 For some strange reason people loved to wear headbands and sweat bands around their foreheads in the 80s. These headbands are often worn by people who are working out. In the 80s people were these headbands no matter what they were doing really glad this fad didn’t last too long.

Acid wash jeans:

In the mid 1980s people got bored with regular blue jeans and acid wash jeans were born. People loved the washed outlook of the jeans. Soon people were also wearing acid-washed jeans jackets. After a few years people started to realize that acid wash wasn’t the best thing and they started wearing typical blue jeans again.

Fanny packs:

Of all the dead fashion trends best left in the past the fanny pack could be the worst. It’s not a purse because you wear it around your waists and it’s bigger than your pocket. People wore it for convenience and because it was once a cool thing to do. Today from the people you will see wearing fanny packs are old people at amusement parks or playing bingo.

Big plastic earrings:

In the 1990s the bigger your earrings were the better. Since huge ear rings made of metal would have ripped people’s ears out the ear rings were made of plastic. You could find these big plastic ear rings in just about any shape and any color. They actually looked something like you would get from a gumball machine.

Oversized dress shirts:

If you were a professional man in the 1990s you know that when you went shirt shopping you’d always buy a shirt that was at least two sizes too large and a man wasn’t being swallowed up by his shirt he wasn’t successful. Eventually men started to realize that the big shirts looked ridiculous and they didn’t fit very well under suit jackets.

Butterfly clips:

In the late 90s butterflies were everywhere girls had them on their shirts on their shoes in their hair. The clips were small and shaped like butterflies. The more Clips you put in your hair the cooler you were.

Crimped hair:

If you were a woman in the 80s chances are you crimped your hair at least once. All you’d need is a creeping iron to make your hair look like a piece of paper that have been crumpled up all over and over and over and over again.

Geometric printed shirts:

This shirt goes back to the Saved by the Bell days. These shirts had geometric patterns all over them and they came in some of the loudest and brightest colors imaginable.

Wearing sweaters over your shoulder:

Nothing said 80s preppy more than wearing a sweater over your shoulder. Guys would wear them with button-down shirts and ties man the sweaters were usually pastel colors. It’s a fashion trend that should stay back in the 90s where it belongs.

Dresses over jeans:

This is a ridiculous fashion trend. Women would put on a pair of jeans and wear a dress as a shirt. Why a regular shirt wasn’t good enough remains a mystery that is better left unsolved.

Velour tracksuits:

Velour tracksuits started being popular in eighth grade classrooms. Soon women of all ages were wearing them. The jacket and the pants were tight so they weren’t even comfortable. There was a sigh of relief in the fashion world when these finally went out of style.

Spiked hair with frosted tips:

In the 90s women weren’t the only ones who bought a bottle of hair dye to change their look. Guys would have the tips of their hair frosted and then spiked it up as high as they could get it. It was a ridiculous look but it was really popular at one time.

Bullet bra:

Women wear a bra with the hopes that people won’t realize that they’re wearing one. That was not always the case though the bullet bra made it look like you were wearing a cone under your shirt and it looked pretty silly. This is a fashion trend that is best left in the past.


Bell-bottoms were so popular in the 70s and early 80s that they made a comeback in the mid 90s. The pants were really tight up top and got looser and looser as they went down. By the 2000s the bell-bottom was gone again. Only a matter of time now before they make a comeback.


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