Best street food in India

India is a country famous for its spicy yet finger-licking good street foods. The best thing about Indian Street food is that it doesn’t dig huge holes in the pocket, are available swiftly and more yum than food at any renowned restaurant or food joints.   1) Golgappa – Known by various names across the country, like panipuri, phuchhka, […]

The only of actor of Bollywood who got 8 Oscars nominations

Oscars is a dream for all those who are related to film industry whether it is directors, producers, actors and technicians. Nomination for Oscar itself shows the greatness of a film. But this is sad to say that India produce thousands movies every year in different languages but still we can’t any Oscar awards yet, […]

Background Dancer Who Became Famous Celebrities in Bollywood

Today we are talking about those Bollywood artist who appeared before her/his career. They start their career as an Background dancer behind the bollywood stars.  So, the list is following below:-  Kajal Aggarwal The actor who is primarily known for movies of Telugu and south cinema has also done her fair share of Bollywood movies […]

Epic Villains of the Bollywood

Every Cinema is incomplete without villains. We all love the hero in every film but villains are the only person who always put a hero and the storyline of the movie up-to the mark.  The Villains of Indian movies are always Bad-ass and have a cruel mind. They create great impacts on the movie and […]