Best street food in India

India is a country famous for its spicy yet finger-licking good street foods. The best thing about Indian Street food is that it doesn’t dig huge holes in the pocket, are available swiftly and more yum than food at any renowned restaurant or food joints.

Here are the list of Best street food in India:


1) Golgappa –

Known by various names across the country, like panipuri, phuchhka, golgappe, this Indian Street food is superb and keeps one wanting more and more of it. It is that famous that you can get it in any corner of the city. The taste that you will get on the streets is nowhere near to any hotels that make them for you. Not only it has pudina flavour but we can also have flavours like Hing, anaar, and much more. It is normally served at cold temperature. The round fried ball, filled with pudina water and mashed spicy potato is a must have! And should not be missed if you visit the country.

2) Egg Rolls –

A splash of egg, a round chapati and some filling of tomato sauce, onions and cucumber occasionally make an egg roll. Many countries have different food which they called egg rolls but the Indian egg rolls differ because of the spices and the delicious taste. The gym freaks are the fan of this snack as it not only pleasures our taste buds but also is quite nutritious because of the eggs it contains. It is a very satiating and yummy evening snack.

3) Mutton/Chicken Rolls –

Mutton/chicken rolls are just like the egg rolls but instead of adding eggs in an egg roll, mutton or chicken pieces are added to make these yummy rolls. It not only works as a snack basically but can even be taken as a dinner as it is quite heavy and satisfies your hunger judicially.

4) Samosa –

Ohh! The samosas taken with either chutney or chhole does not make it any less tasty. Made with flour and potatoes normally, these triangle fried snacks are enough to make any Indian’s mouth water and is quite irresistible once seen.

5) Pav Bhaji –

Most celebrated as a snack in North and Western India, they are buns served with vegetable curry. This Indian Street food is a hot favorite among tourists as well. The most delicious and famous Pav Bhaji we can get is from Mumbai but is available in other parts of the country as well. The snack cannot be missed if you really want to taste the spice and delicious street food of India.

6) Idli –

The South Indian delicacy made with rice and dal, served along with sambhar and coconut chutney is a blessing. It is healthy yet tasty and enough to keep one full for a few hours. It is also easy to cook and is a traditional breakfast in many South Indian houses. Not only it is famous in India nut Sri Lanka as well has Idli popular in its country.

7) Pakoda –

Street foods account for a wide range of pakodas, meat or vegetables fried with gram flour. Pakodas are a common thing for evening snacks in all households. The best taste and pleasure we can get of pakodas is during the rains served with tea. There are different varieties of this snack available. This yummy anytime snack is a must have!

8) Jalebi –

Jalebi served as a sweet dish is a sweet syrupy spiral coil of fried batter. The tasty crispy sweet dish is not missed by the tourists visiting Punjab. It is one of the best sweet dishes one can consume while visiting the country. The only thing better than munching on Jalebi is watching them being made.

9) Kulfi –

It would be no exaggeration to call Kulfi the Indian Magnum! Made with evaporated and cooled condensed milk, this ice cream variant is available with rose, jelly, vermicelli etc. It is easily available in the streets and is served on a thin stick. It is very popular frozen dessert in India and is like a traditional Indian ice cream.

10) Phirni –

The milk like pudding is served as a dessert. It is a milk pudding, often compared to payasam but much more tasty. It is generally prepared and served in abundance during the celebration of Ramzan and Eid. Amritsar is well known for its almonds filled phirni and should not be missed if one is visiting the place.

Now that you know about the Best street food in India, buckle up and start your adventure in tasting them all! With a variety of cultures and cuisines, Indian Street foods are the best to satisfy all taste buds.


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