Which is the Best scooty to buy in 2018

There too many scooties brand in India and it is very confusing which is best scooty to buy in the today’s market. Today we only compare those scooters which are in the range of 110CC. On the basis of this CC engine we have classify Scooters according to their best ranks in the several categories.

Here are the Scotty list in Which is the Best scooty to buy in 2018:


First category is Style, everyone knows that style is the first thing that people look first in every scooters,  Som according to the style which looks so amazing not so funky looks like Rayz-R of Yamaha. There are many companies who are working on the different and unique style of the scooters. There are only these scooters which are on the top in the style category.

1.Yamaha Fascino


2.Hero Maestro Edge

So, if you are looking for a stylish scooty, then the Yamaha is the best choice but Yamaha Fascino comes little bit costlier than the hero maestro. The colours option is available with both scooties. There are very attractive colours available in Fascino. And one thing is that many people thinks that Yamaha Fascino style is for girl, so we recommended you to choose Maestro edge in the style category because the edge style of maestro looks muscular and it’s very stylish for boy.


In the option of performance there is one scooty on the top which is Honda Activa, This scooty left behind all other scooty in the range of performance.  The durability of the Activa is so long and many people say that Activa is the splendor of scooties. The sales of the Activa are increases from last year.

1.Honda Activa 4g

2.Hero Maestro Edge

3.Tvs Jupitar

So, in the performance category Activa wins easily. The other two scooties are also good enough in performance.


The most important category of any vehicle is the Safety. The safety of the scooty is essential for everyone. Everyone wants Safety in their scooties.

1.Tvs Jupitar

2.Hero Maestro Edge

3.Honda Activa

So, In the measure of safety, Jupitar is the best because the braking system of jupitar is so cool and didn’t let you down in any conditions and the suspension is also good in this scooty. On other hand Hero Marstro edge has the big tyre which give good suspension in all dig on the road. The Integrated brakes system of the maestro edge is also very useful and efficient.


Now we talk about the features of the scooties, In this category Honda Activa is not rank so much because there is no features available in the Activa rather than default features.

1.Hero Maestro Edge

2.Tvs Jupitar

3.Yamaha Fascino

Hero maestro edge is the clear winner in this category because there are too many features available in this scooty. There is Immobilizer key opens the external fuel filler cap, the seat and of course, the ignition. It also has value added features like a pass light, side, a stand indicator and a bulb in the under seat storage.


If you want to buy scooty that fits in your budget, then this category is best for you. All we know that the price in the range of 110CC engine is around 55-65k of on-road price. The price of the scooty varies from state to state. So, we define the range of price.

  1. Hero Maestro Edge: 59-60k
  2. Honda Activa: 59-61k
  3. TVS Jupitar: 60-62k
  4. Yamaha Fascino: 62-65k

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