Top 10 best low cost deodorant for men in India 2018

Top 10 best low cost deodorant for men in India 2018

Today, in this article we are going to talk about India’s Top 10 Best deodorants for men 2018. These deodorants are cheap and best for Indian men. They all are come in the budget of a normal guy and smells fabulous and long lasting. A good deodorant is the one that gives you long lasting and has a fresh fragrance. So, this article is especially for Indian men who want deodorants under Rs. 300. If you are looking for best low cost deodorant for men in India to buy for yourself or gift it to your beau then read given guide to Top 10 best low cost deodorant for men in India 2018.

Here are the Top 10 best low cost deodorant for men in India 2018:-

10. Remy Latour (Rs.180/200ml)

Remy Latour deo

This is the French brand which sells their deodorant in India for long time. It is smells like a cigarette; this is because in Europe, most of deodorants are smells like cigarette because they like the smell of cigarette. Most of the company tried to make smell like this deodorant but fails to do. So, this deodorant for mature generation who loves cigarette smell and wants to smells cool.

9. Nivea Men Cool Kick (Rs.199/150ml)

Nivea Men Cool Kick

This brand promises for their long lasting effect up to 2 days. Yes, this deodorant is the most long lasting deodorant out of all. This is smell clean and fresh. It always keeps you smell clean and fresh. If you apply this deodorant, you looks so clean that people might thinks you bathed every time. This deodorant is for odour person who spent their time in gym and workout and smell very much. This makes your smell neutral.

8. Jovan Musk (Rs.190/150ml)

Jovan Musk

This is smell like musk. In India many brand of deodorant made musk type deodorant, but out of them Jovan Musk is the best. This is most original and elegant smell of musk. So, those guys who want musk smell and sweet smell this deodorant is best for them. This deodorant is also perfect on Indian outfit.

7. Fogg Dynamic Yellow (Rs.200/120ml)

Fogg Dynamic Yellow

Fogg always makes strong deodorant and many times they made very hard smelling deodorant. This is the not the deodorant or not perfume, we can call this a body spray. This is very liquid spray which smells very good. This deodorant is best out of other Fogg deodorant. This deodorant smells like Fruity and Lemon-y based.

6. Nivea men fresh active Original (Rs.190/150ml)

Nivea men fresh active Original

If you are talking about Gym perfumes or deodorant, so, this is the best one. This is because it smells very sporty type. If you apply this, you feel cool and icy like you have taken shower. This deodorant is smell like icy, fresh and mint type. This deodorant is directly apply on the skin, we recommended don’t apply on the clothes because it damages them. We Prefer apply directly on the skin of your body.

5. Axe Dark Temptation (Rs.199/150ml)

 Axe Dark Temptation

Axe always make flavor deodorant, this is the Chocolate flavor. Out of all Chocolate flavor is the best deodorant. This deodorant is thick smelling deodorant. This is the best option for night time party.  

4. Set wet Charm Avatar (Rs.199/150ml)

Set wet Charm Avatar

This deodorant is smells like Lemon and has a very sharp smell. If anyone enjoy citrus smell or lemon smells this deodorant is best for you.

3. Kama-Sutra On (Rs.210/150ml)

Kama-Sutra On

The best part of the Kama Sutra deodorant is that it makes very mature deodorant. It smells like icy, sharp and old school type deodorant. Out of all Kama Sutra deodorant, there are only two are the best i.e On (blue) or Urge (green).

2. Wild Stone Code Titanium (Rs.250/120ml)

Wild Stone Code Titanium

It has very sweet and high personality smell. People easily notice you when you had applied this deodorant. This is unisex deodorants which are for both girls and boys. This is the best party deodorant for men. This has very strong smell, so don’t apply more than 3 puffs.

1. Davidoff Cool Water (Rs.170/200ml)

Davidoff Cool Water

This is the fake copy of real perfume of Davidoff Cool water. So, this is the deodorant version of Davidoff Cool water. It easily mixes with the Indian weather. So, this deodorant is best out of all.

Hope you like thsi article which is Top 10 best low cost deodorant for men in India 2018.

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