Banned Disney movies || check out the strange reason

Mickey Mouse: The official mascot of Disney was banned. Time for some reality checks people back in 1935 when the 10 ft screen was a new thing in Russia it was believed that kids would be scared to see such a big rodent you guessed it right Russia banned our little mouse from making any appearance. Now isn’t that unfair in fact our adorable Mickey was banned from Nazi Germany as well because a filth-covered vermin could not be an ideal animal?

Beauty and the Beast: What a lovely tale it is and we always wanted it to make it to the big screen as a live action movie but when it did not all went well. As per some countries, the tale was ruined because it showed the food to be having a romantic inclination towards guests and according to them homosexuality isn’t for kids. The movie was delayed in Malaysia due to an exclusively gay moment but was later released without any cuts. Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait were also not happy about the so-called gay propaganda, so a ban was imposed. We hope the Beast wasn’t disappointed we want no troubles with the big man.

The Jungle Book: The Jungle Book wasn’t all sugar and spice it might be shocking to you, but our adorable ‘Mowgly’ was incompetent to melt the hearts of the censor board in India. No, it wasn’t banned in the country but was released with a P.G. certificate to ensure that kids don’t freak out. People the Censor Board of India felt that due to the 3D depiction of characters in the movie Kids could be frightened at the sight of an angry animal lunging towards them. There was potential damage to the innocent minds, and it couldn’t be seen without supervision.

Aladdin: There weren’t any bands on the movie as such, but in the 1992 version the opening song wasn’t very appealing to Arab Americans. It described a Latin’s Arabian home is a place where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face and concludes it’s barbaric but hey it’s home. That won’t be called Sweet So Disney changed the line to where it’s black and immense, and the heat is intense and if we forget to mention that a school in Minnesota banned a recent version for the students because they didn’t want kids to believe that witchcraft was something good.

The Little Mermaid: Our little mermaid fell in love with a human and after a chain of events lives with him happily a tremendously entertaining story, so why was it not suitable for children? There wasn’t anything wrong with the movie, but the home D.V.D. cover had something on it that had a striking resemblance to what men are hiding in their beach trunks inappropriate for anyone less than an adult. So yet Disney had to change it, through they never accepted that it was intentional. We can never look at that movie the same way again.

Mary Poppins: we wonder what harm has this cute babysitter done to China to be rewarded with a Ban which she so troublesome back in 2006 China banned all verboten T.V. shows and movies that allowed a live action to be blended with computer or hand drew cartoon characters. Imagine those kids grew up without Mary Poppins around them that’s unfortunate take a wild guess on the reason for this ban. Drop it you aren’t getting anywhere close this was done to clear the nation of foreign cartoons and create room for local cartoons.

Melody time: We know Disney has the right to do whatever they want with their movies, but you don’t expect it to censor its content. Yeah, that’s what they did to the good old melody time. Disney added a clause to their contract that there will be no smoking in the movies we are against that, but they took the pains to delete scenes from Melody time that showed Bill smoking us kind of love seeing him roll it up himself. Smoking and a good thing and children shouldn’t think that it’s cool but is ignoring that gun in Bill’s hand justified.

The shindig: So why do you think the shindig was banned in Ohio back in 1930? To put things in perspective this cartoon was about a cow by the name Claribel who was going on a date. It’s kind of cute, but no there wasn’t an issue with animals romancing. The cartoon showed her reading a book “three weeks” which was an erotic romance novel of the time. You guessed it right how can the Cow be such a bad girl, there’s more to it people Claribel wasn’t clothed, and her udders were very prominent nudity for kids.

The story of menstruation: In 1906 Disney decided to talk to young girls through a movie about health and intimacy which would have thought of that this short film was shown to about 100 Million American students in health education classes and aimed at promoting intimate hygiene. Though it was long ago the video still seems informative keeping the present day scenario in mind but why are we putting this noble initiative on the list because it was banned from T.V. and classrooms because of inappropriate content.

Hope you liked our article; tell us which of this Disney movie bans the strangest, comments below were.

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