Android P Preview Details

Android P Preview Details

Hey, look at the Android P Preview Details. Google released the developer preview for Android P. We don’t know what P stands for. There’s a lot of new features that, presumably, Google hasn’t shown off yet but if you want an early look at Google’s OS, this is it. So basically we are going to cover each and everything we know till now about Android P.

So, let’s Check the below Android P Preview Details:

Material design

Material design of android p

Google is finally implementing the material design 2.0 now. So, basically it is darker than the material design 1.0 and also you are going to see more colors and finally brand new icons. You’re also going to see brand new floating action buttons. This year Google is going to make material design lighter by removing excessive shapes images and animations. According to the reports this is going to be a major user interface change after Android lollipop.


Security in android p


Google is going to improve the security. In Android 9.0 no background applications will be able to secretly take your photos or record your audio in recent news. With the latest security patches Google is trying to make Android better and better with Android 9.0 user’s privacy.

Notch Support

Notch Support in android p

Just like on the iPhone X, Android is also adding native support for notches. So, Android P is going to have better support for notches. You can actually simulate the notch on your device like this Pixel, which doesn’t usually have that cutout. So, that you can start developing your apps appropriately for it. You’ll also be able to simulate different shapes and size of notches using the P beta.

Better Notification

Google’s also updating how messaging works in Android P. You’ll be able to see the last few messsages in a conversation directly from the notifications. So, you can remember what you were talking about and you’ll be able to respond directly in the notification.

Smart Replies

Smart Replies in Android P

Google’s also adding support for smart replies like the ones. When couple of responses will pop up, you’ll be able to tap on and go directly from the notification as well as stickers and images directly.


Colour and Icon

The setting menu’s been updated, it’s now more colorful, different color icons for each. Setting thing and there’s an overall theme of more rounded design going around. The notification bubbles have rounded edges, the dock has rounded edges.

Indoor positioning

Indoor positioning in android p

There’s some indoor positioning stuff which uses multiple wi-fi hot spots to better locate your phone indoors.

Other features

Other features of android p

Some auto-fill feature that is works better with password managers. These are all great features but there’s also the unfortunate reality that the Android phone you have in your pocket right now probably won’t ever get Android P. As of February 2018, only 1.1% of all Android devices have been updated to Android Oreo and unless you’re phone “Pixel” in the name the odds of it getting P when it comes out, presumably some time next fall, feels kind of slim. Notifications menu looks much better and you’ll notice the new blue toggles for your quick settings. They’ve also added a toggle for your alarm clock. Quick settings are also scrollable. The app drawer looks about the same, the volume slider has been moved to the right side of the screen and the power menu has been given a screenshot button.

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