The only of actor of Bollywood who got 8 Oscars nominations

Oscars is a dream for all those who are related to film industry whether it is directors, producers, actors and technicians. Nomination for Oscar itself shows the greatness of a film. But this is sad to say that India produce thousands movies every year in different languages but still we can’t any Oscar awards yet, but we received few Oscars in different department of film like Gandhi of 1981, which receives an Oscar for best costume design. Today we are going to tell you about an actor who haven’t received any Oscar award but he was the part of 8 oscar nominated films. The shocking fact is that actor is still an underrated actor. Most of the audience has noticed him in many films. He is far from that respect and popularity which he deserves. In the case of talent he is far better than the other Bollywood actors. He is short in height but when it comes to acting he left behind many actors. We are going to talk about RAGHUBIR YADAV, who is actor, music director, composer, set designer and singer. His first movie was 1985 relased film Massey Sahab and he was play an lead role. This film didn’t able to get any award in India but this film recieved 2 International Awards and got the best actor award. There is lot to tell about him but today we will discuss his 8 oscars nominated films.

List of movies which were nominated for Oscars:

Salaam Bombay: 1985 released film “salaam Bomabay” was his first film which was nominated for oscar. In this film he played a character of chillu who was a thief and druggist who helps a child arrange a job for him in a tea stall. This film is nominated for Oscars awards.

Rudali: This film released in 1993 which was directed by Kalpana lazmi. The story of fim was about a woman named shanichari which was performed by dimple kapadia. In this film Raghubir yadav played the role of dimple kapadia’s son. This film is also nominated for oscars.

Bandit Queen: Till date it’s one of the best films of bollywod. It was a Biopic of Phoolan devi and raghubir yadav. He played the role of Madhav which was very important.

1947 Earth: The Amir Khan Starrer film which is based on a Novel which is directed by deepa Mehta. This film got an award for best foreign language film.

Peepli Live: It was released in 2006 that was famous farmers related questions and put a question on the system. The story line of the film was sataire which was almost attracts the issue of farmers towards the media.

Lagaan: There is not much more to say about this epic film, because almost everyone watched this film. Amir Khan Starrer film got the Oscar nomination. This film got many national awards and filmare awards. The acting of the Raghubir is also fantastic in the role of Bhura.

Water: Water was a 2005 released controvertial film. In this film jhon abrham and lisa ray played the lead role. Raghubir played a character of a transgender. Film recieved lots of awards and appretiation in abroad. This film was totally banned in Varanasi.

Newton: Finally when 2017 released Newton was nominated for Oscars, we see raghubir yadav is also there. In this film he was played a character of Government employee who has been send to Naxalite area to conduct voting and as usual he gave his best in the film.


Now we feel like his appearance in the film is a 50% guaranty that surely film will be in Oscar nomination list and we hope that one day his film got an Oscar award. His acting style and passion made him a part of 8 Oscar nominated films from India. Raghubir is the perfect example of who think an actor should have six pack abs and he can dance. The main thing which requred in the film is acting skills.

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