7 Bollywood Actors has given flops in a single year

The Bollywood film industry is it will close when it comes to individuals feeling good of success should feel is in the box office but some actors did their shit performance doesn’t seem to get chances again and again. 

Here are the 7 Bollywood actors who are the shocking number of slopes in a single:

Hritik Roshan: There is not one person that can deny their critical she left everyone in complete office massive and successful debut in 2000 with “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai”. The actor found subsequent success critically and commercially featuring in movies such as “Mission Kashmir”.  In 2002 was one of the worst years in his career where the actor featured in 3 consecutive flops were “Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lage”, Na “Tum Jano Na Hum Jane” And “Mujhse Dosti Karoge”.

Imran Khan: An Actor that it’s completely faded away from the limelight not starting in any film since 2015. In that I’m kind of the talk of the town after his debut in 2008 with “Jaaney Tu ya Jaane Na” but sadly that didn’t last very long. In 2013, he featured in 3 consecutive flops i.e. “Gori Tere Pyaar Me”, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara” And “Mattru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola”.

Saif Ali Khan: He also established himself as a capable act only in the lead a half of his career. The ninety’s been really all sunshine and flowers but the actor when it comes to box office success. The actor never really cemented his position in the horrible movie of the Yash Chopra “Parampara”. In 1993 was so bad year for this actor because he has featured in three consecutive flops i.e. “Pehchaan”, “Ashiq Awara” and “Pehla Nasa”.

Sahid Kapoor: Sahid kapoor is an actor that went through one of the worst pieces in the early 2000 after his debut giving flop off the flop. The actor sort of completely lost touch but came back with a bang in 2007 with “Jab We Met”. 2005 is the worst year including such flops i.e. “Dewaane Huye Pagal”, “Vaah Life Ho To Aisi”, And “Shikhar”.


Emraan Hashmi: He is an actor that some people love and some people just can’t stand. The actor has no ideas of success and definitely a failure. The actor had one of the worst years in 2006 featuring going to total of four financial disasters. Even though he was a part of the success of the film “Gangster”. By the number of bad fit in the featured him including “Akasar”, “Jawani Deewani”, “Dil Diya Hai” And “Killer”.

Abhishek Bachchan: He was sadly away from the limelight. The actor had proven his what in movies like “Guru” and “Sarkaar”. But then he is not only featuring in mindless overpopulated comedies. Early 2000s were also not of a kind would be actor featuring in movies in the years. Especially 2003, he starred in five consecutive flop namely “Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon”, “Mumbai Se Aya Mera Dost”, “Kuch Na Kaho”, “Zameen” And “LOC Kargil”.

Salman Khan: The actor before floped film “Tubelight” has given hit after hit irrespective movie is good or not. All is not good for Salman khan in 2008, a total of four films and each one did miserably in the box office the flop films were “God Tussi great ho”, “Heroes”, “Yuvraaj”, and “Hello”.

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