5 common phobias that most people suffered

Hello, Readers welcome again to this website for daily crunchy blog or article. We always have given you an interesting blog topics. Everyone has their own weakness, but they cannot tell others. One of the weaknesses is PHOBIA, yes most of us within friends, relatives, parents, girlfriend-boyfriends and other peoples suffered from phobias. Everyone knew that phobia means fear of anything it can be animals or be non-living also. A Phobia is an anxiety disorder clear by a constant fear of an object or situation. Phobia is afraid of everyone that we should understand how we face it. So today we bring 5 phobias which common to everyone and we also tell you that how you overcome from that.


Acrophobia [height]

The fear of heights is known for Acrophobia. Fear of flying or fear of jumping from the height. This fear can differ in roughness as well. Some may possibly avoid things like climbing ladders, while others cannot goes to the high floor building. This fear is found in most of the peoples. They suffered from many hurdles in their life. Many of them take the house on the ground floor, didn’t go to the terrace, and many of them didn’t take the ride on the airplane.


  • Gradually expose yourself to your fear.
  • Find a therapist that suits your needs.
  • Consider removing caffeine from your diet.
  • Don’t “jump into the deep end like sky-diving, rollercoaster etc.


Nyctophobia [Darkness]

The most common childhood fears of everyone are the fear of the darkness. This phobia is triggered by the brain’s sensitivity to anything could happen in the dark whether it is the ghost in dark or anything. This is most often seen in childhood, but it found in adults as well. From our childhood, the fear of the darkness is settled in our soul or mind. Many children do not sleep at night because of this phobia so; they turn the light on at the sleeping time. Many people carry this fear till their long age and they can’t get rid of this. Many people can’t go toilet at night because of this phobia they suffered from many problems. Peoples always make fun of them and put the challenge in the front of them to take the tour in the darkness.  


  • Make your home safe
  • Consult your physician if your child’s fear does not dissipate
  • Keep your child in his own bed
  • Distract yourself.
  • Think positive and logical thoughts


Glossophobia [public speaking]

This is a phobia that most of the people fear.  Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. This phobia can manifest in childhood, and it’s estimated that up to 75 percent of people have this fear to some degree. This fear developed in the schools when children shy to speak in stage or class in the front of public or another student.


  • Do not over think the audience’s reactions.
  • Recognize that people can’t see your nervousness
  • Do not over think the audience’s reactions.
  • Find a Friend who supports you in talking.
  • Learn how to enroll and engage your audience



Arachnophobia [spider]

The fear of spiders is the Arachnophobia. Many people who suffered this fear are mostly affected by their childhood memory. Spiders were seen as a source of food and water contamination. They make their web for any insects. Most of the spiders are harmless and they are very shy. But some spider’s genes are pathetically poisonous for other creatures including us. This phobia is found in those people who have stings or bitten by the spider in their childhood. If a spider bites on the skin, the skin will swell. The majority of stings or bites can be treated at home if the reaction is mild.


  • Expose yourself to spiders.
  • Go outside and look for spiders.
  • Hold a toy spider.
  • Tolerate being around a spider
  • Learn the positive aspects of spiders instead of thinking about all the scary parts.

Aquaphobia [water]

Fear of water is Aquaphobia. The most common fear that has people used to suffer from it. People who have grown up in sandy desert areas and not much used to with water are more likely to develop Aquaphobia. Nearly 19.2 million Americans suffer from Aquaphobia.


  • Mentally preparing yourself.
  • Facing the Water and Pick a safe, comfortable body of water.
  • Be mindful of your breathing.
  • Swim where you can hang onto something.
  • Put your head underwater.

So, Hope you satisfied with all info that we provided in the above article. Please share this and comment your phobia if it would. You can leave your feedback below in the comment section.


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