15 Awesome Car Life Hacks will Make Your Life Easier

Many people surely know that having a car is not easy, driver have to deal with many little problems all the time. So here we present you the Awesome Car Life Hacks.

List of the Car Hacks below:

Nail polish:

It can almost hide a small scratch on the car’s body. Now the biggest problem here is to find a nail polish tone that matches the color of a car but with the current abundance of this beauty product variation it’s not going to be hard.

Clear nail polish can stop a windshield crack:

You see this nail stuff is helpful if a rock hits your windshield and made a deep crack over time. It will only get bigger and bigger to combat such cracks use clear nail polish put two or three layers on the crack and it will stop the crack from growing.

Turn the steering wheel when you need to leave the car:

You’ve probably had this unfortunate situation, you park your car in hot weather and leave it for just an hour, though when you come back and out that steering wheel is already too hot to touch. To avoid this turn the steering wheel 180 degrees when leaving the car the part you used to drive will stay in the shadow.

Get rid of the bright Sun:

This is a famous pilots trick. In order not to get blinded by the Sun take an acrylic sheet and put it on the windshield. acrylic is easily attached to the windshield thanks to static electricity and it protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays very well.

A bay leaf to prevent car sickness:

If you’ve got a long road ahead of you and you’re worried that you might get carsick. You just need to put a bay leaf under your tongue. It contains special chemicals that relax the stomach and the nervous system.

A smart sunglasses holder:

Are you one of those people who don’t know where to put their sunglasses in the car. Put them on the Sun Visor this way you’ll make sure your glasses won’t fall on a bumpy road. You can also put your parking ticket there to keep it safe.

A lemon helps to prevent drowsiness while driving:

Unexpectedly but some citrus fruits work just like a cup of coffee. If you’re feeling a bit drowsy when driving put a piece of lemon under your tongue this will wake you up very quickly.

Enhanced cup-holder:

This advice will come in handy to those who find that their cup holder isn’t reliable enough. Put a little silicone cupcake case on the bottom of the cup holder. This way your coffee cup will be secured inside and all the little pieces of trash will be in the case.

Hang a tennis ball in the garage:

This trick is especially useful for people who have only been driving for a short time. a tennis ball hanging in the garage can be a point which shows that a wall is near. The ball will help you to feel the car size more easily. So you won’t drive further than necessary.

Check the oil quality:

Now there’s a special way to check the quality of the oil in the engine and you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself. Heat the engine for five to ten minutes and cut the ignition off open the hood and put a couple of oil drops onto a sheet of paper. Carefully take the sheet in a warm place and wait for two hours for the oil to drop, after that check the result. If the edges of the spot are smooth it means there’s no water in the oil the oil is good. If the center is darker gray the oil is too dirty. It’s time to change it.

Check the gas quality:

Put a drop of gas on a white sheet of paper blow on it and wait for the drop to evaporate it. the paper is perfectly white after the experiment it means that you’re using good quality guess if there’s a greasy spot it means there’s some kerosene on the gas. this is how you can check your gas for resin. put a drop of gas on a glass and set it on fire after the drop burns check the color of the circles around it if they are white there’s no resin in the gas, if they are brown there’s enough resin to damage the engine seriously maybe it’s time to change the type of gas you use.

Super fast car ventilation:

The car left on the parking lot became too hot you were transporting gourmet French cheeses inside. And now it’s a bit too smelly for your liking well don’t worry we’ve got a perfect solution for both of these problems. Open the door and one of the front windows then open and close the door on the opposite side of the car. Do it a couple of times this trick helps to cool down the car quickly and it also gets rid of unpleasant smells easily.

Use static electricity to fight with your pets hair:

If have a pet you and want to get rid of their hairs which seem to be everywhere. All you need is a pair of latex gloves put them on and rub your gloved hands against the carpet. It’ll create static electricity which in turn will help pet hair to surface afterwards you can easily remove it using a vacuum cleaner or just your hand.

How to avoid car doors is freezing:

As easy as pie put cooking spray on all the inside rubber parts and then wipes it off. It’ll save you a lot of time in cold weather.

Use potato not to let your car windows fog:

Perhaps everyone is familiar with the situation when the windows in the car start fogging from the inside. To prevent such a situation you need to cut a potato make sure it’s clean in two parts, then rubs the potato on the windows from the inside and let them dry.

A road trip with kids:

Do you often travel with your children use a shower organizer to keep everything you need on the way from diapers to bottles with water and some games. Just fix it to the seat in front of you and enjoy your organized ride.


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