10 Reasons Why Women Should Not Date a Bodybuilder

10 Reasons Why Women Should Not Date a Bodybuilder

Hello ladies, have you ever dreamed of dating a bodybuilder? Even if you lie, somewhere deep down you know that the idea of a buff guy holding your hand, has raided your mind. We don’t judge you because the image is rosy, after all, they’ve got a Greek God like body and you’d love to show him off. So ladies, we present to you 10 Reasons Why Women Should Not Date a Bodybuilder. This will either direct you towards the arms of an average Joe who sports a paunch or you’ll have a good laugh, we are happy either way.

Here are the 10 Reasons Why Women Should Not Date a Bodybuilder:

10. The gym comes first Ladies

If your man is really dedicated to his muscles, you are in for a romance-less relationship. In case you don’t know, he probably sees the gym as a temple he must visit every day and spend some fixed hours impressing the iron gods. You will have to deal with the pain of not being the topmost priority in his life because he has already dedicated his life to bodybuilding. It doesn’t end here, you will have a tough time dragging him to a double date with your non lifting friends where he’ll have to sip high-calorie wine and skip gym.

9. You become a human dumbbell

You become a human dumbbell

We saw some of you shivering at the mere mention of the human dumbbell, now would you be kind enough to explain it to the rest of the ladies? When your boyfriend is a bodybuilder, a strong one at that then it is only a matter of time when he starts to pick you up and toss you around the house. Do you find this adorable? this feeling will soon fade away and you’ll be dreading his actions, especially in public because no girl wants to look like a rag doll.

8. Mirrors are more important

In case you are in the habit of spending hours in front of the mirror and fix your makeup. Your bodybuilder boyfriend is going to check himself in the mirror after his gym session and that means countless hours posing to see the effect his latest exercise is making. You will have to learn to deck yourself up without having to see your reflection or mount extra mirrors in the house. Every time you leave the house, he is going to pose in front of the mirror and then maybe in front of car windows as well.

7. Gear up for some nagging

Do you really think that a bodybuilder is going to bear with a girlfriend who doesn’t take care of herself? Even if he does fall for you, though the chances are bleak, he is going to try his best to motivate you for a new lifestyle. This will most likely include a regular dose of nagging about your unhealthy dietary habits and how your lazy ass needs to do some jiggling in the gym. The less taxing way would be to munch popcorn as you lay on the couch snuggling up to a teddy-bearish guy, who orders pizza for your movie night.

6. Gym singlet for parties

In case you manage to keep up a relationship with a bodybuilder and take it a step further by getting him to meet your parents, think twice. There is a good chance that he’ll hit the gym first and then reach your parents’ house and in all probability donning his gym outfit.

5. Cute couple selfies will be ruined

If you are expecting a lot of pictures with your macho man, forget it. A rather mean thing to say but if you clicks yourself getting squashed between his biceps. A paunchy guy might not look like a support but he can smile and pout for your selfies. Now that’s the final showdown revealing who’s the better choice.

4. All attention is not good attention

Once the balloons pump up, you know he is going to attract a lot of attention. We guess you had no issue with this; after all, you wanted to show him off to the world, right? Women make for half the world and their attention might change from admiring to pouncing. You’ll just have to be more vigilant and high on alert or before you know it, some woman is going to seduce the hell out of him.

3. Goodbye to social life

Your dream of dancing your Friday night away with your beau will dash as soon as you start dating a bodybuilder. The guy places a lot of importance on his diet, workout and sleep routines. Your weekends are going to be super boring, full of gym and workout talks but low on romance. The only time you are boozing would be a girls’ night out because your man will be tucked into bed early, dreaming about gains. Oh and any plans during the day would severely clash with his gym or chilling time with his gym buddies.

2. Bear with protein farts

You surely have no idea what you are signing up for! All that protein he is ingesting that too of the egg variety is going to cause a buildup of foul smelling rectal air that has to be expelled or you get a spontaneous human combustion. This is going to cause you a lot of embarrassment at an elite opera when he lets out a fart that has the capacity to render an entire army unconscious.

1. Cumbersome sex awaits you

If the guy has achieved unbelievable size in a short span of time, there is a good chance that he does not know how to handle the bulk. Women, who are getting intimate with a bodybuilder for the first time, feel the need to use more pressure to pleasure him but that’s not true. In fact, the man would feel that’s the kind of sex you like and will unleash his hulk like personality in dealing with your crevices.

What are your experiences on dating a bodybuilder? Tell us in the comment section below.


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