10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds that you can pet

Here introduce the list of 10 most expensive dog breed in the whole world. 

Bedlington Terrier: You might mistake this little dog for a lamb thanks to its features don’t take its cute appearance as a sign of calm and composed behavior because it is anything but that the Bedlington Terriers is intelligent alert aggressive and inquisitive. No need to be scared they love to play with their family and being the center of attention cute but you aren’t getting your hands on this cutie without paying a heavy sum about 800 dollars to buy it then about 50 dollars for each grooming session.

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Pharaoh hound: Did you think that you’d get this athletic and graceful dog without paying a huge sum you’d better not have such dreams for the Pharaoh hound would come to you at a price of about 1500-2000 dollars. This dog is intelligent independent and trainable and lived to about 11 to 14 years. So, you have a lot of reasons to love it.

Akita: If you’re looking for a family friendly dog with an inseparable bond, Akita is your best bet. Akita pup costing less than 500 dollars should raise a red flag in your. A pup of this breed should cost you somewhere between 800-1000 dollars. If it is a show dog or comes with breeding rights since the dog sheds during spring and fall you aren’t missing the grooming costs but the cause of concern here is the health risks it carries that could cost you about 5000 dollars.

Samoyed: Bring this cutie to your home and spend the next 12 years of your life with a loving companion. This eager to please dog is a dream come true but only while you are in play mode the moment you get back to the role of fire the decision to take with you will be a tough one this pooch can cost you somewhere between 1000-1500 dollars.

English bulldog: Another cute pup in the list won’t hurt unless you have to bear the expenses that kind of sums up our English bulldog. The adorable cute dog comes with a price tag of 1500-3000 dollars. They are at a high risk of help ailments that can burn some 6000 dollars of yours. Unlike other breeds that matured about 1 year the English bulldog takes 3 years to reach maturity and stays with you for no more than 10 years.

Newfoundland: You have heard about this breed, your desire to pet them these gentle giants are so adorable that it is difficult to ignore them but before you rush off to buy one in a frenzy it will be good if you know about the expenses you are loading yourself with it all starts with buying your pup for about 1500 dollars and thanks to its coat you’ll have to spend 65 dollars per session on its grooming what more you ask the help expenditure could escalate to more than 5000 dollars.

Chow Chow: From Northern China was called Song she Kwan in its native land which means puffy lion dog which describes the dog’s appearance on point that you can own this spring animal for some 1000 dollars don’t assume it to be economical with its appearance and a lifespan of 12 years you can imagine the overall grooming cost with 90 dollars per sitting is that beginning to sound expensive the final balance there is here people the dogs can drive you to spend more than 1000 dollars on its health as well.

Portuguese water dog: A.s the name suggests this dog loves water and what we love to play in the pool with him. This curly coated dog was used by fishermen to bring back lost gear and herd fish to the net but today we know it as a wonderful companion maintaining this cutie. Isn’t cheap with medical bills rising to 3000 dollars but if you have your heart set on this dog consider adopting it instead of buying we aren’t calling you a miser but shelling out 2000-5000 dollars.

Tibetan mastiff: If you have tons of wealth that you need to protect and can spend a small share of it for the security, Tibetan Mastiff is the answer. You need a brilliant guard dog with a loving and friendly nature and this breed is ideal but you aren’t getting the entire package for free shell out upwards of 2000-5000 dollars and own this friend that’s not the only thing to worry about a regular grooming would cost you about 70 dollars per sitting it might live to 14 years.

Yorkshire Terriers: If you have thoughts to cuddle this companion be prepared to shell out anything between 1500-3000 dollars. The average lifespan of this cute dog is about 12-15 years, that’s great because you can’t have enough of it. Not all is so rosy for your beloved Yorkie because numerous health risks encircle him, costing you somewhere near 10,000 dollars. That’s too much to pay for a bundle of cuteness.


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