10 differences between North And South Korea

10 differences between North And South Korea

Hey, today we discussed the 10 differences between North And South Korea. Since separation, the two countries went their separate ways and looking at them now, it is hard to say that they were once a single unit. If Kim Jong-un has managed to ignite your interest in his country with his claims of owning a powerful military, you might want to know about the striking differences it has from its Southern companion.

Here are the 10 differences between North And South Korea:


Food in koreans

Starting with the most obvious and out their difference and that is food. North Korea is facing its worst drought in 16 years and undergoing huge food shortages. Restaurants are still open for them where they can have their fill at $10-40 for a plate depending upon the standard of the food joint. The average annual income in North Korea is $1000. On the other hand, South Korean citizens can choose from a variety of food joints and eat exotic meals without having to worry about shortages.


Military in koreans

North Korean women between the ages 17-21 are required to serve in the armed forces, come what may. The right to choose a career path is stripped off them. Move on south and you would realize that no such compulsions are placed on women in the neighboring southern state. Though the men have to serve the army, women have a right to choose whether or not they want to do it.


Education in korea

South Korea stresses the importance of education and so much that they pay their teachers 25% more than their US counterparts. In fact, 93% students in the country pass high school. On the other hand, North Korea claims of a 100% literacy rate in both men and women but the truth about their education system is hard to digest.

Pop culture

Pop culture in koreans

We all know about South Korea’s K-pop music genre and have enjoyed their songs. They always come up with shocking songs that have a sense of freshness, admired by people around the world. While the South Korean bands enjoy the freedom of singing what they want, it’s not the same for people in North Korea. Though they do have music groups in the country, their songs revolve around praises for the nation and Kim Jong-un. That’s too much of patriotism or they aren’t allowed to sing anything else.


Entertainment in koreans

You can watch television in North Korea and the North Koreans have access to only 5 channels. Something is better than nothing. In April 2017 when their Ice hockey team went to Auckland for an international tournament, they had such battered equipment that they had to be given new sticks to play with for the game. Even though the country promotes sports like soccer and hockey, training and playing are reserved for the wealthy.


Internet in korea

Which country has the fastest internet speed in the world? Yes, it is South Korea with 29MBPS. Population density in South Korea is very high and hence it is easier to give a good internet speed to a large group of people. The government also puts in an effort to make internet accessible to everyone and has so far been able to do so for 92.4% population. Whereas North Korea have 2MBPS speed and an access to less than 30 websites.


Fashion in koreans

We can call South Korea as a fashionable country because people over here love to portray their own style. Talking about their northern neighbors, people have to pick from a few state-approved haircuts and clothing trends termed as western are discouraged in the country. The weirdest thing is that Kim Jong-un has appointed people to go around streets and look for people making fashion mistakes and punish them.

Night Life

Night Life in korea

In a country where there are rules on television, fashion, and even education, you don’t expect much in terms of nightlife. Consider it strange if you find a nightclub open past midnight and when you step inside it, you’d get the shock of your life. Firstly, they aren’t open to locals and then you can’t dance in there because dancing in non-state sponsored events is frowned upon. South Korea’s take on clubbing is the complete opposite because people over there love booze more than any other country. There are plenty of clubs to choose from especially in their capital Seoul.


Height of koreans

North Koreans are shorter than South Koreans. It was found that the average adult North Korean was 1.2 to 3.1inch shorter than their neighbors in the Southern state. What according to you is the reason for the difference in their heights? If you said genetics, you are entirely wrong. Researchers have found that the population of both the countries is almost the same but the real reason is diet. Yes, it might be shocking but the malnourishment in North Koreans is the major reason of their tiny stature.


Poverty in koreans

People in North Korea are battling famines, crop shortage, malnutrition, and deficiencies. They have corn and kimchi on their plates and don’t know any other food actually exists. In 2010 the country scored 10.4 on the global hunger index. Illnesses are widespread and the worst thing is that even though the government claims of health facilities, people are unable to afford medicines that can cure them. But Kim Jong-un portrays a picture in front of his subjects as far from the truth as possible. As per him, South Korea is battling poverty and the northern state is in a much better position.

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