10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know

Here are the list of 10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know:

Steve Jobs smelled: There was a time in his life that Steve Jobs believed that if he ate only fruit, he wouldn’t have to take a shower. He did this for quite a while, and it started to bother his co-workers early on in his career. Eventually, the management transferred him to the night shift so they wouldn’t have to deal with the smell while they were working during the day. Eventually, Jobs realized that fruit would not be enough to stay clean, so he started showering again, and that made his co-workers very happy.

So many teeth: There was a 17-year-old boy in India named a sheik Gavi who had a reason to hate the dentist. He had a composite Odin Toma who was a rare tumor that caused additional teeth to grow and fill up his mouth. He had over 200 small teeth become in a concise period, and that means speaking and eating very difficult. By the time he saw the dentist, he had to have surgery they had to use a hammer and chisel it took those six hours to pull 232 teeth out of his mouth.

The real purpose for Epcot Center: This is probably the most interesting, Disney’s Epcot Center it stands for experimental prototype community of tomorrow. Initially it wasn’t even going to be a theme park. The original purpose for Epcot was to be a real futuristic city. The city was to have been able to house 20,000 residents in a climate-controlled environment. He was going to have offices monorails and even golf courses. Unfortunately, after Walt Disney died the project fell through instead, they turned it into an educational theme park if Disney had not passed away when he did that city would have been fantastic.

The Love Boat scandal: In the 1980s The Love Boat was one of the most popular TV shows. When many favorite shows end the stars of the show will often have a hard time. Some will have trouble getting work, and that could lead to abuse of substances like drugs or alcohol, and that was the case when The Love Boat ended. However, it wasn’t the human stars that had the problems it was the boat itself. In 1998 the Greek authorities found a great deal of heroin aboard the Pacific Princess which was the boat used in the show. They discovered that the ship was used by drug smugglers this wasn’t the only issue the boat had either in 2013 after the boat released toxic gases two people were killed. Later that year it was sold as scrap.

There were flushing toilets 3,500 years ago: There was a settlement called Akrotiri 3,500 years ago in the south of Greece. The civilization was so advanced they had toilets that flushed; some people believe that this was possible because the people were all time travelers. There was, however, one hole in that theory if they were time travelers they would have known that their island was going to explode. The city was built at the base of a volcano that erupted and killed everybody and destroyed the entire city. It’s believed that this was Plato’s inspiration for the idea of Atlantis.

Shakespeare never mentioned a balcony in Romeo and Juliet: In just about every adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there is a scene where Romeo and Juliet speak while she is standing on the balcony of her home. What many people don’t know is that in the play a balcony is never mentioned. The play only mentions a window the balcony in the scene came from Thomas outweighs the history and fall of Caius Marius. Which was a ripoff of Romeo and Juliet from the 17th century? In England, during Shakespeare’s time, a balcony wasn’t mentioned even though today the balcony scene in most adaptations is the most popular.

The first woman in the military: There was a very brave soldier in the American Revolutionary War named Robert Shurtliff and what people didn’t know is that Robert wasn’t Robert. The brave soldier’s name was Debra Sampson. At the time women were not allowed to join the army let alone fight in direct combat because she wanted to fight she took advantage of her tall, strong build and she passed herself off as a man, and she enlisted in the Continental Army in 1782. During a battle she was shot she ended up removing the bullet herself so that people would not find out she was a woman by all accounts she was the first woman to ever fight in a war and after hearing that story, you have to admit she was a badass.

Nigerian scam artists are celebrities: Just about everybody has received an email at one point or another from someone in Nigeria claiming to need your help. While the men behind these scams they call themselves Yahoo boys because they first started out on Yahoo Messenger. The men who have been really successful in these scams are considered to be celebrities one of the most famous scammers goes by the name hushpuppy. They flaunt their extravagant lifestyles on Instagram and they have hundreds of thousands of followers. These men should be in prison however they’re living the high life.

Super mario brothers mind-blower: If you have ever played super mario brothers you often pay attention to your character the bricks and the things flying around. Since you pay so much attention to the game chances are you’ve not paid attention to the things in the Far background. If you look at the clouds and the bushes you’ll see that they are the same they were just rendered different colors.

The Eye vs the iPhone camera: The iPhone loves to brag about their 12 megapixel camera while this sounds oppressive it’s not impressive when you consider the number of megapixels in the human eye. the human eye contains 576 megapixels this comparison shows that the iPhones camera isn’t nearly as impressive as people think if they were able to make a camera with 576 megapixels now that would be amazing.


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